Explore the Dominican Republic

The Dominican Republic is the perfect destination for beach lovers, as half of the island Hispaniola with neighboring Haiti. Known in equal parts for its pristine beaches, beautiful resorts, and world-class golfing, visitors will find everything needed for a perfect vacation or destination wedding. Across

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Caribbean Reopenings

The islands experienced a large amount of damage from last year’s hurricanes, and some islands are just now reopening for tourism. At Destify, we receive constant inquiries about the state of certain islands, and our couples want to know when some destinations, such as St.

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Revisiting Our Destify Couples

The Destify Couples section of our website grows every week, and we couldn’t be more thankful for the couples who choose to share their wedding stories with us! The section has doubled since last time we featured it on the blog. Now more then ever

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Nature Lovers Love Costa Rica

From the soaring skylines of Monteverde to the unbelievable sunsets along the Gulf of Nicoya, it’s safe to say Costa Rica is the ideal destination for nature lovers. Just about every point on the island offers panoramic views of beauty, and once there you’ll find

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World-class Golfing in the Caribbean

Did you know that beyond the pristine beaches, delicious food, and unbeatable Caribbean settings, our destinations also offer world-class golf? Well, let this blog post sound the alarm. We’ve collected a handful of our favorite golf courses across the Caribbean, and we’re going to present

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Our Favorite Adults-only Resorts

For couples looking for a destination wedding away from families or kids, we present this list of our favorite adults-only resorts. You will find a sampling of resorts, from lively atmospheres, to quiet and romantic. We will also cover some of their ceremony venues, amenities,

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The Truth About Promotions

At Destify our motto is to “always offer honesty and transparency”. It is important to every aspect of our process, from the first time you talk to an agent until well after your destination wedding. There are many destination wedding companies, and there are many

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Get to Know Hawaii

Want your destination wedding to be set in paradise, without the need for a passport? Introducing our newest destination: Hawaii, the island chain known for its endless beauty and adventure. There’s something for everyone across the gorgeous islands, from excursions to relaxation, sprinkled with gourmet

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How To Choose Your Resort

It all starts with a couple finding their perfect resort. A perfect resort can mean many things, it must meet their criteria of wants/needs that include everything from budget to location. Some couples want a simple ceremony that maximizes budget for both them and their

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2018 Trend Forecast

Wedding trends change yearly but celebrating everlasting love never goes out of style. Whether you’re envisioning a classically elegant wedding or a quick elopement on a beautiful beach, we’ve got you covered on the hottest upcoming trends to add a bit of flair to your

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