March 23, 2020

At Destify, we are committed to helping our customers during this time of extreme uncertainty surrounding the Coronavirus (COVID-19). The health and well-being of our customers remains our highest priority and we are closely monitoring the situation as it evolves.

We understand the concerns surrounding all travel and our Team Members are working tirelessly to field your inquiries about reservation changes. Due to Covid-19 and the measures implemented by national authorities, some travel has been restricted to destinations that we sell.

Guests that have reservations to these destinations and within the time frame of these restrictions will be given the option to cancel or rebook. Cancellation options may come in the form of refunds or vouchers depending on the travel dates, the type of booking and the tour operator holding the booking. Please, reach out to your agent so they can inform you of options based on your specific booking.

We ensure that we will take all the steps necessary to provide a safe and comfortable experience for all of our customers as we continue to learn more each day about this changing situation.

Thank you sincerely for your patience and understanding as we all work through this together.

Reservation Changes

Each reservation may have a unique cancellation or change policy depending on your proximity to travel, whether you have insurance or not, and the type of booking that it is. Many hotels and airlines are offering flexible options for date changes to guests wishing to change their reservation. Please contact your agent directly for information on altering your booking. They will advocate on your behalf to our suppliers and provide you with available options.


Should you be awarded a refund, it will be processed in 30-45 days. We will be monitoring these refunds to ensure they get to you as quickly as possible and we encourage you to reach out to our Customer Success department if you would like an update on the status of your refund.

P: (800) 208-5343

For the most up to date COVID-19 information, we encourage you to visit the Center for Disease Control websites:
Global Map: Locations with confirmed COVID-19 Cases

Travel Tips: CDC recommends taking enhanced precautions while traveling

CDC in Action: Document providing details on the CDC’s response initiatives to COVID-19

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