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The Top 3 Wedding Venues in Tulum Under $7,000

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Tulum is a magical destination, known for making dreams come true. Wedding venues in Tulum are particularly popular for couples seeking the perfect blend of romance and affordability for their wedding day. Can you imagine tying the knot surrounded by Tulum’s breathtaking natural beauty? It might be within reach.

A stunning ocean scene in Tulum featuring some coastal rocky ruins.

Enjoy its renowned white sandy beaches and mystical jungle retreats without stretching your budget beyond $7,000.

Ready to discover three venues that blend the exotic charm of the best wedding venues in Mexico with an affordable price tag? Our guide to the best wedding venues in Tulum offers a window into places where love and luxury coexist harmoniously, ensuring your special day is as enchanting as the setting. 

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    Tulum Weddings

    Dreams Tulum

    Constructed near Mayan ruins, flanked on all sides by winding green foliage, and just minutes away from the breathtaking natural waterpark Xel-Há, this resort offers newlyweds and their guests the ideal setting to unplug and connect with the local culture — and with each other.
    Dreams Tulum: Read more
    • venue iconVenues: 12
    • family-friendly iconFamily Friendly
    • car icon90-120 Minutes
    Package Costs: $999$14,799

Dreams Tulum

Dreams Tulum is a sanctuary of romance and history, nestled between the mystery of ancient Mayan ruins and the pristine beauty of the Caribbean coast. It’s a place where the verdant embrace of the jungle meets the serene majesty of the sea, creating an ethereal backdrop for the vows you’re about to exchange.

  • Nine eclectic all-inclusive restaurants offer endless cuisine choices, ensuring every meal is a celebration of global flavors and local delicacies.
  • The distinctive jungle spa, encased in glass and surrounded by Tulum’s lush flora, offers a tranquil escape for pre-wedding relaxation or post-celebration unwinding.
  • Situated near the natural wonder of Xel-Há Park, the resort invites adventure, from snorkeling in crystalline waters to exploring the vibrant ecosystem, every moment of your stay is an exploration of beauty.

Wedding Packages Under $7,000:

Dreams Tulum’s wedding packages are designed to add the essence of Tulum’s enchanting landscape to your celebration. The Wedding in Paradise package, starting at $999, offers a simple yet elegant beginning to your forever. Dreams of Love at $3,399 and Dreams Ultimate at $3,799 elevate your day with added luxuries and services. For those dreaming of an intimate elopement, the Elope in Luxury package, at $1,100, promises an unmatched exchange of vows in paradise. Each package is curated to ensure that your wedding not only celebrates your love but also honors the spirit and beauty of Tulum.

  • Aerial view of Secrets Tulum, a perfect destination wedding venue with a central pool, surrounded by lush greenery and illuminated at twilight.

    Tulum Weddings

    Secrets Tulum

    Secrets Tulum Resort & Beach Club offers a picturesque, romantic adults-only retreat nestled in a lush green mangrove.
    Secrets Tulum: Read more
    • venue iconVenues: 4
    • adults only iconAdults-Only
    • car icon74 Minutes
    Package Costs: $999$14,399

Secrets Tulum

At Secrets Tulum Resort & Beach Club, romance is redefined in an adults-only enclave that’s as enchanting as it is exclusive. This sanctuary, set within a verdant jungle and beside the azure allure of the Caribbean, merges the soul of Tulum with the unparalleled luxury of the Secrets brand. It’s here that love stories are not just told, but vividly brought to life against a backdrop of bohemian elegance and natural beauty.

  • Each of the 301 suites shows Tulum’s earthy charm and Secrets’ luxury, offering serene jungle and beach views alongside modern comforts and our signature Unlimited-Luxury® inclusions.
  • The beach club, a vibrant expression of Tulum’s spirited coastline, invites guests to revel in the sun on pristine sands or dive into the clear blue waters while enjoying exclusive access and privacy.
  • The resort’s design—inspired by the natural cenotes and lush landscapes of the region—features meditation areas for tranquility and pools that blend seamlessly with the jungle, creating an intimate escape for every guest.

Wedding Packages Under $7,000:

Secrets Tulum understands the dream of a wedding that’s both intimate and extravagantly beautiful. The Wedding in Paradise package starts at $999, making luxury accessible. For those desiring more, the Secrets of Love at $3,399 and Secrets Ultimate at $3,799 packages elevate every detail. And for couples wishing to elope amidst Tulum’s mystical settings, the Elope in Luxury package, at $1,100, provides a memorable start to your journey together. Each package is crafted to encapsulate the essence of Tulum, so your celebration is as memorable as the setting.

Hilton Tulum Riviera Maya All-Inclusive Resort

Hilton Tulum Riviera Maya All-Inclusive Resort is a masterpiece of comfort and luxury, cradled by the pristine sands and crystal-clear waters of its secluded bay. Offering an unparalleled all-inclusive experience, this sanctuary invites you to step into a world where your every need is anticipated and every expectation surpassed.

  • Boasting 735 opulently appointed rooms and suites, each space is designed to immerse guests in comfort while offering stunning views of the Caribbean paradise.
  • A gastronomic journey awaits at 13 all-inclusive restaurants and bars, where flavors of the world come to life through exquisite dishes prepared by culinary experts.
  • The luxury spa serves as a haven of relaxation and rejuvenation, offering a wide range of treatments designed to soothe the soul and invigorate the spirit.
  • The resort’s lively family area lets guests of all ages find their slice of happiness, with activities and amenities tailored to entertain and engage.

Wedding Packages Under $7,000:

The Hilton Tulum Riviera Maya makes your dream wedding a stunning reality with its Signature Package starting at $4,800. This package promises to combine the natural beauty of Tulum with the elegance of Hilton, offering a celebration that’s both intimate and grand. Every detail is meticulously crafted, ensuring your special day is not only a reflection of your love but a memorable experience for everyone involved.

Unveiling Tulum’s Treasures

Your Mexican wedding in Tulum awaits, where the ocean whispers secrets of ancient times, and the jungle hums with life. These cheap destination weddings in Mexico fall under $7,000, promising a blend of luxury and authenticity that captures the spirit of Tulum, ensuring your day is nothing short of magical. Discover your perfect venue in Tulum with Destify at one of these stunning Mexico wedding venues.

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