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Destination Wedding Music: Incorporating Local Sounds and Dance

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Choosing your wedding music is an important step in your reception planning journey. From the perfect playlist to any live music, the decisions can be difficult. At a destination wedding, there is always the question of incorporating local music and dance into your wedding celebration. 

This article will discuss the importance of dance and music, the destination wedding vs local wedding integration of local music, and how your destination wedding can respectfully incorporate local sound and dance. 

The Importance of Dance and Musical Weddings Tradition 

No matter where you are in the world, wedding music is a staple of wedding culture. For centuries, music and dance have been ways for people to come together in celebration. A lot of different cultures have very specific traditional and historical forms of music and dance that are played and performed as a part of a wedding celebration. 

Cultural weddings are celebrated with these types of music and dance as a way of celebrating the marriage, but also as a way of carrying on tradition and celebrating the newlyweds’ heritage. A lot of these dances get passed down through generations and may only be performed on special occasions. This makes the entire experience even more special. 

For example, in the Caribbean, the Palanace Dance is a common staple of local weddings. The Palanace is a high-energy dance where participants will jump to either side of the room and will “palanace”, which is a Trinidadian word meaning “to dance and have fun”. Dancers will also often wave napkins and scarves in the air, referencing Carnival, where participants would wave flags from their country of origin, celebrating their heritage. 

Destination Wedding vs Local Wedding Customs

If you are planning a destination wedding and want to integrate more local wedding traditions into your wedding and your reception, you can absolutely do that. What matters is doing so with respect and appreciation for the original tradition. You can even have conversations with your wedding planner and local vendors to ensure that you keep everything positive and respectful. 

Bands and Live Music 

If you are planning a destination wedding in Mexico, for example, some of the most popular wedding music you will encounter is Mariachi. Mariachi music is a staple of Mexican culture and is often seen at weddings, quinceaneras, and other large celebrations. 

You could absolutely invite a local Mariachi band to perform at your wedding reception. Live music is always exciting, and to celebrate with local music is even more special. 

The Money Dance

In many Latin American cultures, the Money Dance is an energetic and fun custom where wedding guests will “pin” money to the newlywed couple in order to get a chance to dance with them. This is a fun way for the couple to dance with guests and celebrate alongside everyone else. It can also last for more than one song.

Dance Styles

Cultural dance styles like the salsa and conga always make a special appearance at weddings. These dances are rich in their history, and often have a lot of meaning for the people who dance them. At the same time, though, these are also fun and exciting dances and music styles to play at your wedding as a great way of integrating that local culture. So long as it is being respected, dance the night away.

How To Honor Cultural Weddings 

A lot of people from different cultures love to share their traditions and heritage with others. What matters is receiving and experiencing local wedding music and other traditions with respect and appreciation. Here are some ways that you can honor local tradition as you plan your destination wedding: 

Be Intentional 

Your destination should always add value to your wedding experience. Typically, a destination wedding locale is chosen because of things like food, music, culture, and even location. So, when you start planning all the details of your event, why would you try to make your wedding feel like it would back home? 

The beauty of a destination wedding is getting to be immersed in a country and culture that you don’t spend a lot of time in. Embrace those elements, and get excited about the new things you will get to experience!

Ask Questions

When you are integrating local wedding traditions into your destination wedding, stay in communication with people you know. Talk to your wedding planner, local vendors, and even your closest loved ones, to make sure that when you integrate local culture, you are doing so with respect and appreciation. 

Do some research on local weddings in your wedding location and gain a better understanding of cultural traditions, so you know exactly why certain things are done, and not just blindly incorporate them. 

Give Back 

Part of what is so special about planning a destination wedding is getting to be a part of a new culture and a new country. Do not take your time in your wedding location for granted. As you plan your wedding, try to give back to the local community in order to further show your appreciation. Shop from local vendors and small businesses for your wedding decorations, food, and even some of your excursions. 

Have Fun, Don’t Make Fun

Always be sure to have fun and enjoy the local traditions that you choose to integrate. But in the conversation of destination wedding vs local wedding appreciation, always make sure that you are never laughing at the traditions. Everyone is different. All traditions are meaningful. This is why research can be such an excellent resource before your wedding. 

Planning The Perfect Destination Wedding

Taking inspiration from cultural weddings is never a bad thing, so long as you are doing so with the right intention. As previously mentioned, sometimes talking to your wedding planner can be a helpful way to perfect your integration of local culture.

At Destify, we create meaningful memories. Our expert wedding planners are here to help you with every step of your wedding planning process. From choosing your wedding music to finalizing your dinner menu, your destination wedding possibilities are endless!

Join us at Destify today for the perfect destination wedding. 

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