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What’s a FREE Destination Wedding?

When you search “destination weddings” online the term ‘free weddings’ will constantly show up. They are advertised everywhere, from resort sites to destination wedding blogs and magazines. This sounds like an amazing offer, but as with any promotion, it is always best to do some further research. One big point to start with? Free weddings are generally for small(er) parties. More importantly, they always have specific requirements.

Many wedding couples believe that free wedding promotions are usually too good to be true, however many of our wedding couples find that free wedding packages can be a great starting point to add customizations too. They also can be ideal for staying within a dedicated budget. You can use our wedding calculator to learn more about how much a destination wedding costs. We can happily help you navigate these packages and get you as well-informed as possible. Now let’s see a free wedding package sample below and then find out more about restrictions:

Free Wedding Package – Welcomes Up To 20 Guests

  • Non-denominational minister   Free
  • Ceremony location   Free
  • Decorative altar and aisle runner   Free
  • Speaker and microphone for vows   Free
  • Sparkling wine for up to 20 guests   Free

Free-$900.00* Restrictions Apply

Booking Restrictions

There are always restrictions that come with a “free” wedding package, and typically they have stipulations that affect either the couple or the entire guest list. Often a specific room category and set number of nights will be required. For the resort above they request 10 rooms booked for a minimum of 3 nights each. If you cannot meet these requirements you must pay $900 for the free wedding package.

Ceremony Restrictions

The above package is free for a symbolic wedding ceremony. An additional fee would be charged for a legal ceremony, which also requires a judge. A non-denominational minister is not a government official and is unable to perform legal marriages. A legal ceremony could also require document translation and notary fees. There are always extra costs when having a legal marriage in a foreign country.

Restrictions on Inclusions

Beyond the previously mentioned requirements, the free wedding package is often very minimal, from its features to its decorations. Many things, like photographers and DJ’s, to fancier flowers, will require additional costs. There is also less likelihood of flexibility for your ceremony location, which may be predetermined by the resort.

If you are truly expecting to pay little to nothing our advice is to stick to a small guest list. Learn more about all-inclusive destination weddings and how they work with any budget.

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