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Tips for Packing and Transporting Dresses and Suits

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Wedding travel should not have to be another stressful part of your wedding planning process. But, when you are planning a destination wedding, there is no doubt that your wedding packing list is long. One of the most important things to pack is your wedding clothes. Suits and dresses, especially for weddings, can be tricky to travel with. 

Luckily, there are plenty of tools and tips that you can use to safely transport your wedding dress or suit to your wedding destination. This article will discuss how to travel with a suit or a wedding dress and offer some tools for finding the right garment bag and how to fly with your most important garments. 

How To Travel With A Suit 

wedding suit

If you are about to embark on wedding travel with a suit, here are a few tips to keep your suit looking crisp and not getting too damaged on the way. 

  1. Leave your suit in a garment bag. Keeping your suit packed into the best garment bag will prevent it from snagging or rubbing against any fabrics that might cause it damage. 
  2. Pack your garment bag into your carry-on. If you are flying, make sure you always travel with your suit right beside you. If you have multiple flights especially, it would be terrible for your wedding clothes to get lost with your checked bags.
  3. If you can’t pack it, carry it. If your suit does not fit into your suitcase, carry it with you in the garment bag. You should not have much issue bringing it through the airport, and it is better to be safe than sorry. 
  4. Arrive early. Try to get to the airport early, and if possible, try to board the plane first. This way, you can make sure you get enough overhead storage space. Plus, if you talk to the flight attendants in advance, they might be able to store your suit safely in a place where it can hang upright.

Traveling with the Best Wedding Dress Garment Bag

wedding dress

In some ways, traveling with a wedding dress and veil is similar to how to travel with a suit, but wedding travel with a dress provides its own needs. Here are a couple of tips for traveling with a wedding dress: 

  1. Know your fabrics. When you are first looking for your wedding dress, consider in advance what types of fabric will be easiest to travel with to your destination wedding location. Some material travels better than others. 
  2. Prep the dress. Focus on maintaining the structure and shape of your dress. Ask your salon or retailer to help if you can, but otherwise, you can use tissue paper to stuff and pad the structured areas of your dress before you travel. This will help it keep its shape.
  3. Find the right garment bag. Finding the best garment bag to travel with will be a huge help in keeping your dress safe and undamaged. 
  4. Take extra care with embellishments. Use tissue paper to cover any sequins, stones, or detailed embroidery on your dress to make sure that nothing gets snagged during travel. 

What To Know About Fabric

Here are some examples of what kinds of wedding dress fabrics do and do not travel well when traveling. If you know you are going to have a destination wedding before you purchase your dress, it might help to keep this in mind: 

Good wedding travel fabrics: 

  1. Silk Mikado
  2. Silk Wool Blends
  3. Silk Satins

Fabrics that call for more work: 

  1. Organza
  2. Chiffon
  3. Taffeta

Overall, silk fabrics travel very well. This is because they are tightly woven and very smooth. Fabrics like organza and chiffon have a much looser weave and are made of rougher fabric. This means that they can snag and tear more easily. You can of course still wear these fabrics at your wedding, but that makes choosing the right wedding dress garment bag even more important. 

Choosing the Best Garment Bag

garment bag

Finding the right garment bag for your wedding dress or suit is an important piece of the puzzle. Your wedding travel will find greater success with the right garment bag to keep your wedding clothes safe. Here are a few features to look for in a good garment bag: 

  1. Opaque. Make sure that your garment bag is not see-through. This will help protect your clothes from the sun, which might affect the fabric’s color if left out for too long. Plus, it will keep your clothes safe. If no one knows that you are traveling with a wedding dress, it might be easier for everyone involved. 
  2. Breathable Fabric. Your wedding clothes have to breathe, too! Make sure that your garment bag is made of a breathable fabric like cotton so that the fabric doesn’t suffer. 
  3. No Easy Snags. A brand-new garment bag should help prevent any snags or tears. If the garment bag rips, who knows what could happen to your clothes? 

In addition to finding the best suit or wedding dress garment bag, be sure to always hang your wedding dress by the straps inside of the gown, and not by the sleeves or visible straps. This way, the dress will not stretch during travel. Hanging the dress properly and keeping it well-structured, as mentioned previously, will help your wedding dress travel well. 

Traveling To I Do

Wedding travel can be a stressful part of your wedding journey. But once you get to your final destination, you want everything to be perfect. Luckily, at Destify, we are here to help. We create meaningful memories and can help your destination wedding run smoothly, from the beginning of your planning to your flights back home. 
Our team of expert wedding planners is here to help you along every step of your wedding journey. We can help you create a wedding website and registry as well as book excursions and dinners for you and your guests. If you need help with the honeymoon, we’re here for you, too. 

Join us at Destify today to book the perfect destination wedding. 

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