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Handicap Accessible Wedding Venues and Other Considerations

A person in a wheelchair holds a cane resting on their lap while another person stands nearby. The scene portrays the inclusivity often found at handicap accessible wedding venues, set beautifully outdoors.


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Asking about handicap-accessible wedding venues is one of the many essential questions to ask when you are searching for a venue. Accessibility should not be a difficult thing to find, especially in the wedding industry. To be extra safe, though, there are plenty of questions and tools you can use to ensure accessibility for everyone present at your wedding. 

This article will discuss how you can provide accommodations for wedding guests, find wedding dresses for wheelchair users, and find accessible venues. 

Wheelchair and Handicap-Accessible Weddings

handicap accessible venue

When searching for the right wedding venue, it is important to make sure that all accessibility needs are met, both for you and for your guests. Here are some tips for looking for handicap-accessible wedding venues: 

Ask Questions

Especially if you are planning a destination wedding, don’t be afraid to contact wedding venues and resorts and ask them questions. Ask your potential resorts if they are equipped with ramps, elevators, and handrails for guests. 

Make sure the ceremony space is going to be large enough and comfortable for guests in wheelchairs or other accessibility needs. Aisles should be wide enough for wheelchairs and canes to easily move through, and try to opt for chairs instead of pews. 

The Reception

Try to organize an accessible reception, too. Work with the venue to see if ramps are available and if the bathrooms are accessible spaces. Leave enough space between tables and chairs to make sure that everyone can safely and easily move through the venue. 

Additionally, make sure there is enough room on the dance floor for everyone. A handicap and sensory-friendly wedding does not mean that you can’t have a great time dancing to the music. Just make sure that the dance floor is big enough and accessible to everyone who wants to tear it up.

Wedding Guest Accommodation

For a destination wedding, it is important to make sure that the hotel rooms and accommodations are also accessible for handicapped guests. Check to make sure that bathrooms in resort rooms are accessible with bars and handrails, lowered showers, and a stool in the shower. 

Additionally, resort rooms should be either on the first floor of the resort or accessible by elevator. 

Sensory Friendly Wedding Tips

Sometimes, there are more than just wheelchair accessibility needs at handicap-accessible wedding venues. Sometimes, guests or people in the wedding party may need sensory-friendly accommodation. Here are some tips on how to host a sensory-friendly wedding

Lights and Sound

Extremely bright or flashing lights and sudden or loud sounds can often be difficult sensory experiences for people. When you are planning your wedding and your reception, try to keep those abrupt sensory experiences in mind. Try not to have strobe effects on your lights, and try to keep the music at a manageable volume. You could also provide your guests with earplugs or noise-canceling headphones. 

Offer a Break Area

If things do get a little bit overwhelming for your guests, try to provide an area where they can step away to a quieter, calmer space. If your wedding reception is indoors, perhaps an outdoor lounge in the evening air could make for a nice escape. If your wedding reception is outside, maybe letting your guests step indoors for a breather is a good idea. 

Communicate with Your Guests

Wedding guest accommodation is a lot easier when you are communicating with your guests. Make sure everyone involved in the wedding knows what to expect. When you send out invitations, ask people to specify any accessibility needs they have so that you can plan accordingly, months in advance. 

Additionally, when the wedding festivities get closer, reach out to your guests and inform them of anything going on in the festivities that they might need a heads-up about. If any loud noises might occur during the reception, for example, make sure they know. This helps everyone stay prepared and feel more comfortable during the festivities.

Wedding Dresses for Wheelchair Users

In addition to searching for handicap-accessible wedding venues, if you are a wheelchair user, it is important to make sure that every other element of your wedding is perfect. That includes finding your dream dress. 

Here are a couple of tips for searching for the perfect wheelchair-accessible dress: 

Search for Inclusive Shops

To begin, search for inclusive wedding dress retailers. There are many shops that center themselves around providing dresses for disabled brides. If there is not a shop close by that is only for disabled brides, don’t be discouraged or alarmed. Most wedding dress shops are accessible and inclusive, even if they are not only for disabled brides. 

Call Ahead

To be sure of a wedding dress shop’s inclusivity and accessibility, call them ahead of time. Check to make sure they have a wheelchair-accessible entrance and space inside their shop. If there are any additional accommodations that you need, you can communicate them to the retailer in advance so that they can best know how to help you find the perfect dress. 

Considering Your Wheelchair 

Sometimes, certain fabrics or embellishments could be uncomfortable to sit in for prolonged periods of time, depending on the way the dress rests and creases. Finding a sensory-friendly wedding dress is especially important while in a wheelchair; you should feel comfortable and beautiful on your wedding day, not itchy or bothered by your dress. 

If you ever feel uncomfortable during your wedding dress fitting, speak up. Your loved ones and the retailers are there to help you find the perfect dress. No one wants any bride to settle for less. 

Finding The Perfect Dress

Every bride dreams of finding the perfect wedding dress. Ability should not change your journey to finding the perfect dress. At the right shop, the right wedding dress will find you. Enjoy the experience and get ready to travel down the aisle!

Wedding Guest Accommodation Done Right

Whether you are looking for handicap-accessible wedding venues or wedding dresses for wheelchair users, our team at Destify is here to help. At Destify, we create meaningful memories and are here to help you through every step of your wedding planning journey. From finding the right destination to keeping your reception accessible, we are here to help. 

Join us at Destify today to plan the wedding of your dreams.  

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