Choosing the perfect wedding destination can be a tough decision if you are not familiar with what each destination has to offer. They have their own rich culture, cuisine, and atmosphere. Mexico, the Caribbean, Central America and Hawaii offer an array of tropical wedding venue options ranging from cliffside to jungle backdrop. If you are thinking about a beach ceremony, the color and texture of sand may be of importance which changes by country. The transparency of the ocean differs from the body of water which you are located. Your first step to selecting your destination is to consider the factors below.

Important Factors: Flight Times | Resort Options | Local Culture | Beach Setting

You will find a larger range of options at the more popular destinations: Mexico, Jamaica, and the Dominican Republic. These are more popular due to having the lowest travel and resort costs. The smaller remote islands will have a limited resort selection and steeper price tag.

Hover over each location to learn more about its value, what ocean it is on, and a unique point of interest.

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