Caribbean wedding destinations -Jamaica

You can find many Caribbean wedding destinations throughout the remote and intimate islands spread across the Caribbean Sea. They offer a variety of landscapes including beaches, rainforests, jungles, and cliffside waterfalls. Because of their size and location, travel time is longer from most U.S. cities, as fewer flights are available, and costs are higher. In these small destinations, you will find fewer resorts, so the rates will be more expensive than larger Caribbean island destinations with more available options.

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I always love the end of the day because I am so happy to see how happy the couple is at the end of their wedding, and know I was able to be apart of making their day so excellent.

Caribbean Destination Weddings

Church weddings in Aruba often ring their bells to let villagers know a ceremony is happening. They will gather outside the venue, even if not invited, to comment on the beauty of the bride and groom.