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What Are Lab Grown Diamond Engagement Rings?

2022 data shows that lab grown diamond ring sales skyrocketed by 63%. That number is no accident — lab grown diamond engagement rings are becoming a highly popular alternative to traditional diamond rings! But wait, what exactly are lab grown diamonds? Compared to naturally occurring diamonds, what makes them better, worse, or otherwise? Strap in

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10 Proposal Ideas for 2023

We’re almost at the New Year of 2023, which means it’s proposal season! We at Destify typically start working with our couples after the proposal, but we’re here to help you at every stage of your Path to I Do! You’ve got your speech ready, picked out the perfect ring, and fought back the butterflies

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10 Unique Wedding Proposal Ideas

Flash mob or family photographers? Beach seascape or lush forest? When it comes to popping the question, the possibilities are quite literally endless. But how do you narrow down the options (while finding time to propose)? Look no further than our 10 Unique Wedding Proposal Ideas. Let’s make that forever-after unforgettable: 1. Hire a personal

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The Best Halloween Wedding Proposals

If you or your significant other enjoy Halloween, proposing on October 31st is a terrific idea. For one thing, if you propose on October 31st, you’ll be sure to catch her off guard because Halloween isn’t traditionally linked with romance. Halloween wedding proposals can be low-key and distinctive, and if you’re going to propose over