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How Much Do Destination Weddings Really Cost?

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Dreaming of saying “I do” against a backdrop of white sandy beaches, historic European castles, or exotic tropical gardens? While destination weddings are surging in popularity, the big question on every couple’s mind is, “How much do destination weddings really cost?” 

In this guide, we’ll break down the real costs of destination weddings in 2024. From essential venue fees to those unexpected extras, we’ll explore what factors can inflate your budget and how to manage your finances. Keep reading for a clearer picture of affordable destination wedding ideas to learn the answer to the question “How much does it cost for a destination wedding?”

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How Much Do Destination Weddings Really Cost?

The average cost of a wedding in 2024 is $30,000, but the average destination wedding cost is actually far more affordable, at around $14,685. Although travel costs go up, most other expenses go down, as people tend to invite a smaller group and choose affordable locations in paradise.

So, how much do destination weddings really cost? Here’s a breakdown of what you can expect to invest in your dream day abroad:

1. Venue and Location

The choice of wedding destinations is one of the most significant factors affecting the overall cost of your destination wedding. Opting for a top destination wedding location like the Caribbean, Mexico, or the Dominican Republic helps keep costs down. More remote or exclusive destinations typically carry a higher price tag due to transportation and fewer vendor options.

2. Guest List Size

The number of attendees plays a pivotal role in determining your overall budget. Destination weddings often have smaller guest lists, which can significantly reduce costs across various categories, from catering to venue size. Remember that each guest will incur additional costs for accommodations, meals, and possibly transport depending on the location.

3. Travel and Accommodation

Depending on where you and your guests are coming from, travel costs can add to your wedding budget. Many couples opt to cover some travel expenses for close family or the wedding party, which needs to be planned well in advance. Choosing a destination with varied accommodation options can help your guests manage their budgets better.

4. Local Vendors and Services

Hiring local vendors such as photographers, florists, and caterers can be more cost-effective than bringing professionals from home. However, it’s crucial to factor in potential language barriers and cultural expectations, which might impact your choices and negotiations.

Don’t overlook the legal aspects of marrying abroad. Depending on the destination, you might face additional costs for obtaining necessary documentation, such as marriage licenses or permits. Sometimes, hiring a local wedding planner who understands the legal landscape can be a worthwhile investment.

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Cost Factors to Consider When Planning a Destination Wedding

Every couple dreams of a wedding that reflects their unique style and love story, but budget often plays a pivotal role in shaping the event. When planning your destination wedding, several key factors can drive costs up or down—check out this blog for a full breakdown of wedding costs, for flowers, decorations, invitations, and more. 


Your chosen destination is the biggest factor in determining your wedding’s cost. Exclusive resorts or remote islands typically have higher price tags due to transportation and service fees. Consider destinations known for their value, like Mexico or the Caribbean, where you can find stunning venues that won’t break the bank.

Guest Count

The number of people you invite directly impacts your budget. More guests mean more mouths to feed, larger venues, and potentially more accommodations. To keep costs manageable, consider a smaller, more intimate wedding, reducing catering and venue expenses while creating a more personal celebration.

Time of Year

The date of your wedding can significantly affect costs. Peak wedding seasons typically command higher prices for venues and vendors. If you’re flexible with your dates, consider a shoulder season—the periods between the peak and off-peak seasons—where you can often snag discounted rates.

Cost-Saving Tips

Look for all-inclusive packages that bundle services like catering, photography, and décor at a reduced rate. Many destinations offer competitive destination wedding packages that can dramatically lower overall expenses.

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How Much Do Destination Weddings Really Cost? Hidden Expenses

When planning a destination wedding, some expenses might catch you off guard if you’re not thoroughly prepared. Knowing these hidden costs in advance can save you from budget overruns and ensure your special day goes smoothly without financial surprises.

Vendor Travel

If you’re considering bringing photographers, makeup artists, or DJs from home, remember that their travel and accommodation costs are typically on your tab. To avoid these expenses, hire local vendors familiar with the venue and logistics, which can be a huge advantage.

Customs Duties

Shipping décor, attire, or other wedding essentials abroad might incur customs fees. These costs can escalate quickly and unpredictably. A smarter move is to source local materials or rent equipment at the destination.

Last-Minute Guest Changes

Fluctuations in your guest list can lead to unexpected costs in catering and seating arrangements. To mitigate this, have a clear and early RSVP deadline and plan a buffer in your budget for last-minute changes.

Your Dream Wedding Is Within Reach

Planning a destination wedding can seem daunting, especially considering the costs involved. Yet, with careful planning and strategic decisions, your dream wedding in a stunning locale can also be affordable. From choosing the right destination to understanding the hidden costs, every decision plays a crucial role in shaping your big day. Isn’t it time you turned your wedding dreams into reality?

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