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Hiring a Destination Wedding Videographer: What to Know

hiring a destination wedding videographer what to know garden weddings

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There’s no wedding more stunning than a destination wedding, so of course, you’ll want to capture both photos and videos to save every last memory you can. It might seem like a daunting task to hire a destination wedding videographer, but the truth is it isn’t too different from hiring a local videographer.

The most important factors to consider with any wedding videographer are videography style and your ability to communicate. The biggest difference for a destination wedding videographer is their willingness to travel.

Let’s discuss everything you need to know about hiring a destination wedding videographer!

Destination Wedding Videography Basics

It’s important to know the basic wedding videography styles before starting your hunt. Knowing what you want will help narrow down the search. The two basic wedding videography styles are documentary and cinematic.

Documentary Style Wedding Videography

Documentary style is the most traditional wedding videography style. These videos follow a more linear timeline, require minimal editing and may even feature real-time conversations. When it comes to sound and lighting, the videographer may not even use music, and the lighting in the final video will be more natural. Watching back your documentary-style video will feel like reliving your wedding all over again.

Cinematic Style Wedding Videography

On the other hand, cinematic-style wedding videos focus on building a single theme or narrative. The shots might cut from a toast to wedding party preparations to the ceremony itself – whatever the videographer thinks tells the couple’s true love story. The videographer might also use music, lighting, and editing to create a movie-like video. True to its name, a cinematic-style wedding video will be like watching a story unfold on your screen, but it’ll be your story.

Working With Your Destination Wedding Videographer

Before getting started with your chosen destination wedding videographer, you’ll have to find someone you can easily communicate with, and who understands your unique needs as a couple.

You can search destination wedding videographers on Google, but social media is another great place to look. Before contacting videographers, browse their portfolios to:

Preview their style

See if they are willing to travel

See if they have traveled to your wedding destination before

It isn’t necessary to choose a videographer who’s familiar with your destination wedding city, but if they have they may be able to provide insight into filming locations.

Whether they’ve visited your wedding city or not, it’s also important to discuss your videographer’s willingness to travel. When conducting your search online or on social media, filter out local videographers or those who don’t specify they can and will travel for work.

Your conversations with potential videographers are crucial to the decision-making process. Reach out with ideas in mind, but be prepared to take advice from the professionals too. Your seasoned videographer may provide tips on the reality of bringing your vision to the screen.

If you and the videographer are on the same wavelength, and you think you will be able to collaborate on an end product you’ll love, then you should book with them. Communication is even more crucial when it comes to hiring a destination wedding videographer than a local one.

Even after the hiring process, communication remains key. Stay in touch with your videographer about travel and wedding plans as the ceremony and event come together.

With all the information, a videographer will be able to plan the framework of the video, as well as specific scenes and shots to capture. Keep them in the loop about the event schedule, venue layout and all the little details, so they go into the destination wedding prepared.

The bottom line: help your destination wedding videographer help you!

Pricing From Your Destination Wedding Videographer

Many couples are surprised to learn that a destination wedding videographer doesn’t cost much more than a local wedding videographer. Travel expenses are the main additions to pricing for a destination wedding videographer.

Different factors affect typical wedding videography. Demand during the time of year, the number of people and shots involved, what you want to be delivered in the end product, and more.

With each couple’s individual needs, wedding videography can cost anywhere from $1,500 to $10,000. However, a typical wedding video averages closer to $2,000.

Be sure to communicate candidly with your destination wedding videographer about pricing, so everyone agrees on the budget!

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