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Wanting to know how much work goes into destination wedding planning? Well, the short answer is; much less than the planning involved with a traditional wedding! With a traditional wedding, you must find individual vendors, find your own venue, perhaps host your own dinner rehearsal somewhere separate, and account for everything that goes into your reception. With a destination wedding, you’ll have all of this planning built into one all-inclusive resort. Follow the post below to learn just how easy destination wedding planning truly is.

Shanta and Devonte

Finding Your All-inclusive Resort

The first step in planning your destination wedding is finding that perfect resort. At Destify, we specialize in resorts across Mexico and the Caribbean. Whether you’re looking for volcanic sands or crystal-clear waters, we’ve got you covered. Each wedding group receives their very own dedicated agent who will help you select your resort. They’ll take in several factors, from the distance most guests are traveling from, to your desired budget. Since we work with budgets of any size, you can be assured we’ll find a resort that fits your economical needs.

Once you’ve got your perfect resort you’ll be put into contact with your resort’s wedding department. Each resort we work with utilizes their own on-site wedding department. They’ll be able to handle everything for you, from commonly asked questions to the decor and event planning for your special day. Plus, they’ll have their own vendors you can utilize (like photography, DJ’s, and floral arrangements) if you would any of those services.

Reflect Krystal Grand Cancun

Destination Wedding Timeline

Our Destify Timeline has become a trademark staple of our website, it’s one of our most popular tools. In it, you’ll find exactly what to expect across the common year before your wedding. From the initial stages to the last moments before you walk down the aisle. It’s okay to be nervous after you’ve laid down your deposit. Your wedding is locked in, and there are things you can do in the meantime like finalize your guest list and check in on guest bookings with your agent. You can learn more about the real cost of a destination wedding by using our estimator.

One of the most important stages of the timeline is the planning stage, as you may notice it doesn’t start until much closer to the wedding date. These all-inclusive resorts are well-oiled machines, and the reason planning doesn’t start until about 3 months before your ceremony is because that’s when they can give you their most personalized and effective service.

Of course, not every wedding is planned within a year, and that’s another reason destination weddings work so well. You could elope with a small selection of your closest loved ones in a matter of weeks if you really wanted! There is no right or wrong way to host your destination wedding. They’re designed to be efficient and most of all, convenient.

Printable Destination Wedding Timeline

Receptions and Private Events

One of the biggest perks of hosting a destination wedding at an all-inclusive over a traditional local wedding is just how much you’ll be saving in the long run! You’ll have all of your costs clear and upfront, as you select the services and events you want for your wedding. You will have ceremony decoration built into your wedding package cost, and you can upgrade for a much more affordable rate than at a stateside wedding. Working with your coordinator you can choose from numerous ways to host gatherings during your destination wedding.

An example beach reception
Most wedding packages may already include a semi-private or private reception. The difference is semi-private may be a marked off section of their restaurants, and may not allow as much customization or a DJ. Every resort offers several venues you can select for a private reception, from gorgeous rooftop terraces to private pool soirees after they’ve closed for guests.

But you don’t have to stop with just receptions. All-inclusive resorts are happy to schedule other private events you would like, from cocktail hours and beachside bonfires, to welcome events featuring wait staff and delicious appetizers. You can also go rogue and host events on your own, simply taking part in what’s already offered by the resort. Consider hosting your own day-after brunch or a dinner rehearsal, since the food is already free and provided by the restaurants, just make sure to double check with your party size and if they can accommodate it.

A reception setup at the budjet-friendly Sunscape Montego Bay
Are you ready to plan your very own destination wedding? Click the button below to contact an agent. Remember, our services are always 100% free!

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