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Planning a Special and Meaningful Valentine’s Day

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Valentine’s Day is right around the corner. You have a special night planned out complete with home-cooked cuisine and your partner’s favorite music queued up. What could you possibly be missing?

Planning a special and meaningful Valentine’s Day requires thoughtfulness and an understanding of what your partner values most. The key is to focus on personalization and quality time rather than just material gifts. Here are some steps and ideas to help you plan a memorable day:

  1. Understand Your Partner’s Love Language: Everyone expresses and receives love differently. Whether it’s through words of affirmation, acts of service, receiving gifts, quality time, or physical touch, tailoring your plans to your partner’s love language can make the day more meaningful.
  2. Start with a Personal Touch: Begin the day with a personal note or gesture. It could be a heartfelt letter, breakfast in bed, or a morning walk together. The aim is to start the day with a sense of intimacy and connection.
  3. Plan an Activity Together: Choose an activity that you both enjoy or have wanted to try together. It could be a cooking class, a hike, a visit to a museum, or a wine tasting. The goal is to create new memories together.
  4. Include Elements of Surprise: Surprises can add excitement to the day. This could be anything from a surprise picnic at a favorite spot to tickets to a show or a surprise video call from distant friends or family.
  5. Focus on Quality Time: Valentine’s Day is an excellent opportunity to disconnect from technology and focus solely on each other. Plan to spend uninterrupted time together, whether it’s a quiet evening at home or a night out.
  6. Customize the Gift: If you’re giving a gift, make it thoughtful. It could be something that ties into an inside joke, a shared memory, a hobby they love, or something they have been wanting.
  7. Create a Romantic Setting: If you’re staying in, create a romantic atmosphere at home. This could involve cooking a special meal together, setting the table with candles, playing your favorite music, or watching a movie you both love.
  8. Reflect on Your Relationship: Take time to reflect on your journey together. Discuss your favorite memories, what you appreciate about each other, and your dreams for the future.
  9. Plan for Future Joy: End the day by planning a future activity or trip together. It gives you both something to look forward to and extends the joy of Valentine’s Day.
  10. Personalize the Experience: Remember, what makes Valentine’s Day special is the personal touch you bring to it. Tailor the day to reflect your relationship and what makes it unique.

For those of us who are still looking for that perfect Valentine’s Day gift or date, we got you covered. Whenever you’re reading this, enjoy our top recommendations that’ll be sure to win your partner’s heart all over again.

What Should I Buy My Significant Other for Valentine’s Day?

Personalized LP Record

valentine's day planning customizable vinyl couple romance love gift present boyfriend girlfriend
Add a musical flair to your evening with retro vinyl art, or a “record” of your journey so far. The label and album sleeve will be printed with your names, “title,” and up to 5 songs that mean something special to them, or to you as a couple. Created using a genuine recycled vinyl album, this playable gift is perfect for couples seeking a personal item they’ll always cherish.

Where It All Began Valentine

valentine's day planning customizable where it all began map couple love gift boyfriend girlfriend partner
Commemorate where your relationship began via paper or canvas prints. The exact location will be marked with a single red heart using a map of a special location, while your names, activities, and corresponding date will be written underneath.

Love Coupons

valentine's day planning love coupon book couple love gift boyfriend girlfriend partner
With this free printable download, send your partner a coupon book full of great ideas that include options like breakfast in bed and no chores for the day (plus a blank for your own ideas). Or what about a coupon for a free trip to an all-inclusive resort?

Etched Drinking Glasses

valentine's day planning customizable etched drinking glasses couple love gift boyfriend girlfriend partner
Everyone loves personalized drinking glasses. With thousands of Etsy vendors specializing in customizable etched glassware, choose between a vast selection of shot glasses, pint glasses, and even decanters.

Flowers and Chocolate

valentine's day planning flowers and chocolate couple love gift boyfriend girlfriend partner
It’s a classic combo that has stood the test of time. From traditional rose bouquets and heart-shaped chocolate to seasonal options and truffles, customizable arrangements can elevate your special day. Just remember: order your bouquet ahead of time to make sure your ideal arrangement is available!

What Shouldn’t I Buy my Significant Other for Valentine’s Day?


valentine's day planning couple love gift present boyfriend girlfriend partner
Believe it or not, this does happen. Don’t show up to your Valentine’s date empty-handed unless agreed upon as a couple beforehand.

Any type of cleaning tool, supply, or appliance

valentine's day planning couple love gift present boyfriend girlfriend partner
Unless it’s a high-end cleaning tool like a Dyson vacuum cleaner or hairdryer, avoid appliances that can be purchased on any other day. Valentine’s Day only happens once a year, branch out a bit.

A jewelry box…that doesn’t pop the question

valentine's day planning couple love gift present boyfriend girlfriend partner jewelry box
Jewelry is an excellent Valentine’s Day gift…just be aware of the packaging. If you intend on proposing on Valentine’s Day, then by all means. But if you’re purchasing jewelry such as earrings or bracelets, make sure to request appropriately-sized gift boxes.

How Can I Make Valentine’s Day Special?

Homecooked Dinner

valentine's day planning couple love gift present boyfriend girlfriend partner homecooked meal recipe
Many Valentine’s Day celebrations are taking place at home this year. But that shouldn’t stop you from making it a special night! Cook a meal special to your relationship, or try a new recipe to spice up the selection. With a few scented candles, flower petals, and a bottle of champagne, you can transform your dining room into a Michelin Star-rated restaurant, making your kitchen the hottest place in town.

Plan the day together

valentine's day planning couple love gift present boyfriend girlfriend partner
This one goes out to those couples who don’t like surprises. We don’t judge here. If you’re a fan of organization, take a few moments out of your weekend to plan out your Valentine’s Day together. For instance, your partner can handle scheduling the “day activity,” while you can be in charge of the “evening activity.” A little communication goes a long way.

Listen, listen, listen

valentine's day planning couple love gift present boyfriend girlfriend partner listening
You know what they say about cliches? They’re cliches because they’re true. The same goes for our next recommendation: listening to your significant other. You’re obviously not going to pick up every little desire that your partner voices throughout the months leading up to Valentine’s Day (if you do, that’s very impressive).

However, make a note of major gifts they express in everyday conversations. Keep a document open on your Notes app and update it every now and then to visualize your present list. While you might not buy every item on the list, you’ll have a better idea of what your partner wants. This will save you from an awkward conversation once the day rolls around.

Don’t overextend yourself

valentine's day planning couple love gift present boyfriend girlfriend partner guitar rooftop champagne
We’ve alluded to this in the previous tip. Don’t financially overextend yourself while shopping for gifts. It’s normal to set high expectations for yourself on this day but remember: it’s the thought that matters when it comes to Valentine’s Day gifting.

Whether you’re planning for next week or next year’s Valentine’s Day, there’s no shame in researching gift or date ideas. In fact, we recommend making it part of your holiday routine! But no matter which idea you choose this Valentine’s Day, make sure to be present and simply enjoy the time with your significant other.

Happy Valentine’s Day!

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