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The time of endless Holidays is upon us and one thing many couples may be celebrating this year is becoming recently engaged. The period between Thanksgiving and Valentine’s Day carries the nickname, “engagement season”, with December taking 1st place for the number of proposals it holds every year. Perhaps the reason it is so prevalent at this time is it’s when people are with their families, and it’s easier to share the wonderful news.

Engagement season is also a heavily busy time for wedding planners and it’s typically when the design cogs begin whirling. Many initial points of contact began around this time as excited couples begin planning. Planners are working with newly engaged couples at the same time as working on actual weddings too, and in regards to destination weddings, December can be a busy month for wedding ceremonies. In fact, the winter months are typically high-season for Caribbean weddings.



Busy Season For Travel Agencies

Travel agencies begin to really pick up steam for the holidays too, with deals to draw in customers and excess money as gifts that many people use to buy travel accommodations. On average, couples are engaged for 12 months before getting married. For destination weddings, most guests will book about 6 months out from the ceremony. For summer weddings, travel agents can be really busy during the winter booking these accommodations.

Travel agencies encourage bookings at this time so you can lock in room categories or unbeatable prices. If you’re looking for a room during high season, this could be the best time to purchase, before rates begin climbing upwards. It’s common for standard rooms to get completely taken which may mean you’ll have to splurge more on a deluxe room whether you want to or not.

The weather also affects travel agencies during this time. They may have to rearrange more accommodations if snow is a problem at a certain airport. A great perk of utilizing a travel agent is they can help combat the airlines should your flight get canceled or delayed due to severe weather, and will do everything within their power to get you where you need to go. Here at Destify, we consider January through March busy season, and we love taking on the increased waves of customers that reach out to us during this period.



Now Is The Time To Act

As mentioned, flights get increasingly booked during these months and can sell out/fill up. We also encourage booking your flights now if the wedding is at the end of Spring or Summer, so that way you can get your desired flight schedule. This is also a great time to price match cheap flights because of all the deals going on through service providers. Travel agents are putting in extra work around this time to ensure customer satisfaction with each of their clients. With us, you get a personal travel agent for every wedding, guaranteeing one point of reliable contact for every guest who’s booking.

If you’re planning your own destination wedding or attending one, now is the time to act! At Destify, this is the perfect time to contact us if you are expecting to host your wedding within the next 10 months. This is especially true if you have a particular date in mind, so you can get connected with a resort’s wedding department quickly in order to lock in your wedding date. Resorts may have some of their greatest rates on rooms at this time too. The holidays may not just be perfect for engagements and proposals but also for saving a ton of money on your dream wedding in paradise, for both you and your guests.



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