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Destination Wedding Tech Trends: Incorporating Virtual Wedding Guests

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In a world after the COVID-19 pandemic, there are some traditions that have changed and new trends that have emerged. Holding a virtual wedding, or even a semi-virtual wedding, was a popular trend that has continued on to this day. 

It is even safe to say that technology and remote weddings might be part of the future of the destination wedding industry. This article will discuss the online wedding in more depth, and give you some ideas of how to incorporate virtual guests into your destination wedding. 

ways to include someone in a wedding

What is a Remote Wedding? 

To begin, let’s define what a virtual wedding can look like. There are a couple of different reasons to hold your wedding ceremony online: 

  1. If you are planning on a destination wedding, it is possible that not all of your invited guests will be able to make the trip. Incorporate a virtual element to your wedding so some of the guests can attend from back home. 
  1. You might hold a fully virtual ceremony for a number of reasons. Perhaps it is a health and safety concern for you or your family members. Or, maybe you just want to spend more time alone with your partner and start your honeymoon before the ceremony!

Weddings where guests attend online will usually either be livestreamed on platforms like Twitch or Facebook Live, or they will be broadcast through live video chat platforms like Zoom or Google Meet. 

Just because not all of your guests are in person does not mean that you can’t still celebrate with them! There are plenty of great ways to include someone in a wedding, even if they are attending through a screen. 

Virtual Wedding Celebration Ideas

It may seem difficult at first to know how to celebrate with your friends and family through a screen. However, there are plenty of ways to celebrate that are both customary and off the traditional path. Here are a few ideas for your online wedding

Cut the Cake

A great way to put on a show for your virtual guests is to cut the cake on camera. Cutting the cake is a wedding tradition, so this is also a great way to keep with customs if that interests you. Smash it in each other’s faces if you’re looking for some comedy and you both agree to it beforehand. 

If you decide to send wedding gift boxes to all of your virtual attendees, you could include a cupcake in the same flavors as your wedding cake. This way, everyone can enjoy a cake tasting together, no matter where they are.  

Pop Champagne

Don’t forget to pop some champagne! If you are doing a fully virtual wedding, you might not be able to walk down the aisle together as newlyweds. Have a bottle of bubbly on hand as a fun alternative. 

You could also encourage champagne toasts from some of your wedding party or your guests who are attending online. If a sibling or parent is not there in person, give them the opportunity to raise a glass from their side of the screen. 

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Ways To Include Someone In A Wedding

Here are a few other elements to keep in mind as you plan your online wedding. It is important to make sure your virtual wedding guests feel included. There are plenty of ways to accomplish that.  

Guest Care Packages

One of our favorite online wedding celebration ideas is to create a care package or gift box for your virtual attendees. As mentioned before, this might include a cupcake so everyone can be included in the cake tasting. You might also include a small bottle of champagne, so everyone can toast together. 

You could also think about adding some other non-perishable treats or even a small memento like a personalized candle. 

Invest In Good Technology 

Make sure that you are investing in good technology for your remote wedding. This means checking the wifi connection at your venue, but it also means choosing the right online platform. Making sure that no one loses connection or gets confused about how to join the video call is essential. 

One great way to help with this is to include a link or a QR code to the video stream on your wedding invitations or your wedding website. Give people easy access as much as possible. 

Virtual Receptions

After the wedding usually comes the reception. You might want to sit down and have a celebration with your virtual guests after the ceremony has finished. Here are a couple of wedding celebration ideas for virtual receptions. 

Signature Cocktails

When you send out your wedding invitations or your wedding care package, include a recipe or two for your signature wedding cocktails. This way, your guests can make their own cocktails at home and share in the celebration with you. 

Wedding Playlist

Include a link to your wedding playlist on your wedding website or your wedding invitations. Music is one of the best ways to include someone in a wedding, even if they cannot be there in person. When everyone can play the wedding playlist from their phones at home, everyone can dance and celebrate you in a special kind of togetherness. 

The Wedding Couple 

Just because your wedding is even partially virtual does not mean that you have to get married in your living room. Even virtual weddings can be made into an incredible destination event. It might even feel like getting married on your honeymoon. 

You can make the entire online wedding process easier by starting with a wedding website and virtual invitations. When you integrate technology into your wedding from the very beginning, your guests will have more time to learn and navigate what a streamed wedding will look like for them. 

At Destify, we are here to create meaningful memories for your entire wedding party. If you want to coordinate a virtual wedding celebration from a destination resort, we can help. Don’t worry about coordinating with countless vendors or companies to create the best experience for your in-person and virtual guests. Instead, work with Destify for a seamless and unforgettable wedding experience. 

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