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The Dominican Republic is known for its sprawling golf courses and palm tree lined beaches, including the top-ranked Bavaro Beach. It offers a large number of resorts, most of which are located in Punta Cana, making it a great value for your destination wedding, as it offers a wide range of prices. If nightlife is important to you, you should choose a resort with a lot of on-site activities and entertainment — you will not find the lively downtown atmosphere as you would in other destinations, but there are areas that offer bars, restaurants, and shows. Their signature drink is Mama Juana, made by letting rum and red wine soak with honey, tree bark, and herbs; it is also thought to have medicinal value. The Dominican Republic has diverse landscapes, offering mountainous terrain, desert, and expansive white-sand beaches. Dominican culture can be infused into your wedding experience by adding the Caribbean-inspired cuisine, hand rolled cigars, and local rum. Symbolic same-sex ceremonies are permitted here, but they must be performed on private property.

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The moment the wedding begins and the couple have the processional down the aisle, when their eyes lock for the first time it is the purest moment of the whole wedding.

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In the Dominican Republic, it’s normal for the bride and groom to see each before the ceremony, and they often use this opportunity to take photos. After the ceremony, no reception is complete without doing the meringue as newlyweds.