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10 Bridal Party Destination Wedding Photography Ideas

10 bridal party destination wedding photography ideas sandos finisterra los cabos beach venue

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The time has finally come for you and your bridal party to get photoshoot ready! You’ve invested so much into your destination wedding, so now for the fun part: your wedding photos. Just like your aisle photographs, you’ll want amazing shots with your bridal party too. After all, you chose the people you love most to stand by your side on your special day, and they made the trip to share it with you. Make sure you have the photographs to treasure those memories with your bridal party. Here are a few fun destination wedding photography ideas to bring to your oceanfront festivities:

1. Foreground vs. Background

10 bridal party destination wedding photography ideas sandos finisterra los cabos mexico beach

It goes without saying that the gorgeous backgrounds of a destination wedding add a special pop to all the photos. Try using that to your advantage by posing in the foreground of the photo, and with your bridal party in the background. Juxtaposing subjects in the foreground and background adds depth to your photo, and captures the beauty of the destination without too many people crowded in front of the lens.

2. Know Your Levels

10 bridal party destination wedding photography ideas hyatt ziva cancun mexico

Photos are more interesting when the subjects are all different heights. However, in terms of destination wedding photography, paying attention to levels can really show off a landscape, while still keeping the subjects as the focus. Using multiple rows for people of different heights accentuates the layered look of the sand, shores and sky. This can be used for other landscapes, like mountains or forests as well.

3. Go Wide

10 bridal party destination wedding photography ideas generations riviera maya mexico beach venue

Similar to paying mind to height in your photos, you can also spread out with your groomsmen and bridesmaids to cover more width. Forming a long line keeps the subjects of the photo in the midground, with elements of scenery in the front and the sky in the back. Too much of the background isn’t covered by bodies, and you can display even more of the striking destination by spreading out width-wise.

4. Aerial Photographs

10 bridal party destination wedding photography ideas lgbt weddings riviera maya mexico

You don’t need a drone to take advantage of the benefits of a bird’s eye view. Try taking photos from a higher angle that looks down on the subjects. Looking down rather than head-on captures more of the beautiful scenery than the ground the subjects stand on. For example, this photo features more of the beautiful blue waters than the stone ground. This technique is great in destination wedding photography as a way to show off the views as much as possible.

5. Frame the Background

10 bridal party destination wedding photography ideas dreams onyx punta cana beach venue

When you get your destination wedding photos back, the first thing you’ll want to do is frame and display them! However, you don’t need to wait until then to create a frame. The couple can create a natural frame with their bodies that draws attention to the bridal party. In this photo, the bride and groom create a frame that even shows off the beautiful destination; with such a small hint of the blue waters and skies, the color really stands out.

6. Water in the Foreground

10 bridal party destination wedding photography ideas mexico pier inspiration

With everything you invest in your destination wedding, you’ll want to showcase the destination as much as possible. Using piers, boardwalks or similar structures over the water are the perfect way to do that. This photo on land would have ground in the foreground, the bride and her bridesmaids in the midground and the water and sky in the background. However, standing over the water cuts out any sand or dirt as the foreground and cuts straight to the beautiful ocean waters.

7. Cut the Foreground

10 bridal party destination wedding photography ideas st martin venue caribbean islands

Like the last idea, this photo cuts the ground from the foreground, but does it by photographing from the waist up. The photo eliminates would-be empty space in the sky and background because the subjects are lifting their bouquets to the sky and the top of the photo. It helps that they are standing on a balcony that looks over the water, so be sure to use a balcony or railing in your destination wedding photos if you have the chance.

8. Cloudescape Photographs

10 bridal party destination wedding photography ideas hard rock punta cana pool venue

Cloudscape photography is a branch of photography that focuses on capturing clouds. However, you can use principles from this style in your destination wedding photography. Throwing objects like bouquets or other accessories in the air uses the full height of the photo, and draws attention to the clouds and sky, creating a unique background.

9. Use Harmonious Contrasting Colors

10 bridal party destination wedding photography ideas garden venue riviera maya mexico

With a destination wedding, you’ll have your choice of stunning backdrops for your wedding photos. Be sure to choose backgrounds that complement (by contrasting) the colors of you and your bridal party’s outfits. The bright yellow dresses pop against the darker shades of green in this photo. Pay attention to how your colors interact with each other when you pick your photo spots!

10. Jump In!

10 bridal party destination wedding photography ideas sandos caracol riviera maya mexico cenote venue

Last but not least, if you’re feeling adventurous, take a dip in the water for your wedding photos. Many destination weddings have beautiful beaches, lakes or pools, and jumping right into the water is the perfect way to remember the scenery. It also makes for fun photos, and memories that will last a lifetime. You have to dry clean your dresses and tuxes anyway…might as well get your money’s worth!

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