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Getaway Wedding Support: 10 Tips for the Maid of Honor

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When you have been asked to be the maid of honor for a getaway wedding, you might be nervous about the responsibilities that come with such an important role in the wedding party. You may be wondering, what does the maid of honor do at a destination wedding? Luckily, here at Destify, we have some tips for you! Here are 10 tips on how to be the best maid of honor at a destination wedding. 

how to be the best maid of honor

Coordinate with the Wedding Planner

One great way to be prepared for the wedding and the events leading up to it is to get in contact with the wedding planner. The wedding planner can help you keep track of events, locations, and any items that might be arriving soon, like the bouquet or wedding cake. You can always call the wedding planner in case of an emergency; they can help you be prepared for unexpected hiccups so you know how to handle things as they come!

Pack an Emergency Bag

At a getaway wedding, it is extremely important to have a small handbag or pouch full of emergency items. The maid of honor and bridesmaids should be prepared for a moment of forgetfulness. Try to have a small bag on hand with destination wedding essentials like sunscreen, hair ties, tissues, chapstick, bandages, and setting spray. 

Stay Hydrated

In addition to an emergency bag, make sure you have easy access to water and other hydrating beverages packed with electrolytes. If the destination wedding is taking place somewhere known for its heat, it is extra important to make sure everyone stays hydrated. On the day of the wedding especially, keep your eyes on the bride and make sure she is eating and drinking water. The last thing anyone wants at a wedding is for someone to pass out from the heat and dehydration!

Be the Point of Contact

Another way you can learn how to be the best maid of honor is to be the point of contact for the wedding. This means keeping the married couple from having to answer text messages and emails, or meeting people at the airport. Know the best ways to get from the airport to the resort, be prepared to offer people directions to get to their suites, and answer any questions about meals or events. Being the point of contact for wedding guests will minimize the bride’s stress levels and let her prepare for her wedding with a little more peace of mind. 

maid of honor and bridesmaids

Know the Schedule

In addition to having an understanding of directions and locations for your wedding guests, try to have a solid understanding of the getaway wedding schedule. This includes group dinner plans, excursions, parties for the bride, maid of honor and bridesmaids, and reception information. With the stress of an upcoming wedding, the bride might forget what is next on the itinerary. Being ready to answer those questions instead of scrambling to find the schedule will make the entire trip go smoothly. 

Know the Registry

What does the maid of honor do when it comes to wedding gifts? Knowing the registry will be a huge help to the married couple. In the whirlwind of greeting guests and preparing for the ceremony, they might lose track of who brought which gifts, what has been crossed off their registry, and to whom their Thank-You notes need to go. 

Take Care of the Bouquet

At a getaway wedding, there are a lot of moving pieces to keep track of. Coordinate with your wedding planner to make sure you are prepared for decor, food, and other essentials arriving at the wedding venue. One of the most important things to keep track of as the maid of honor is the bride’s bouquet. The flower arrangement that will travel with her down the aisle needs to be in perfect condition from the moment it arrives to the moment it leaves her hands. Keeping an eye on it throughout the day’s preparation is a must. 

Know Your Decorating Role 

Another way you can learn how to be the best maid of honor is to be on top of wedding decorations. There are a lot of options for decorating the wedding venue, from the wedding planner to friends and family. Knowing exactly what your role is going to be in the wedding decorations area is essential. Even if you are not personally the one decorating, understanding the vision and knowing how to keep the decorations in order will be a huge help to the married couple. 

Be There for the Bride

One of the most important roles for the maid of honor and bridesmaids is to be there for the bride when she needs you. This means helping her get ready before the ceremony, touching up her hair and makeup if she needs it, and running out to grab whatever else she may need or may have forgotten. You have been chosen as the maid of honor because she loves you and wants you to be a part of her special day. Being her rock and her shoulder to lean on is the best thing you can do. 

If you notice that the bride is especially nervous or in need of a break from the festivities, go above and beyond for her. Talk to the wedding planner about booking her a getaway from her getaway wedding at the resort’s spa to let her decompress and relax. 

Have Fun!

Knowing “what does the maid of honor do” during a destination wedding may feel daunting. There are a lot of responsibilities that you have as part of the wedding party. But more than anything else, the bride wants you to feel special and have fun. Take advantage of your beautiful location. Get some sun, enjoy your wedding excursions, and celebrate your loved ones’ wedding with laughter and friendship. 

Bride Wokie poses with her bridesmaids at the Wokie and James wedding
Bride Wokie poses with her bridesmaids at the Wokie and James wedding

Wedding Planning with Destify

For the dream getaway wedding, partner with us at Destify! With our endless destination wedding packages and location options, we are here to help you plan the perfect day. 

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