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7 of Our Favorite Spa Resorts in the Caribbean

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Step into a world of pure bliss and indulgence as we unveil the top spa resorts in the Caribbean. Picture yourself on pristine beaches, surrendering to exquisite treatments and experiencing unparalleled relaxation. 

A woman lies on a massage bed with hot stones on her back in a spa resort

Keep reading to escape the ordinary and embark on a transformative spa experience that will leave you feeling rejuvenated and renewed. Are you ready to discover resorts that will transport you to a state of pure serenity?

1. Zoetry Marigot Bay St Lucia

Imagine a place where the rhythm of the waves harmonizes with your heartbeat, and the whisper of the tropical breeze promises renewal. Zoetry Marigot Bay St Lucia, celebrated in Forbes lists, offers that and more. Here’s what you can expect:

  • Exhilarating treatments like volcanic stone massages and antioxidant-rich facials.
  • Yoga sessions with panoramic views that elevate your practice to new heights.
  • An environment that champions sustainability and wellness in equal measure.

2. The Cove at Atlantis 

Welcome to the extraordinary with The Cove at Atlantis, a gift of indulgence in Caribbean beach resorts. Here, the legendary Atlantis isn’t a myth but a reality that offers an unparalleled spa experience. Consider the following aspects that set The Cove apart: 

  • A spa menu inspired by the healing powers of the sea, offering thalassotherapy treatments and seaweed wraps that detoxify and invigorate. 
  • A holistic wellness journey means that every aspect of your stay is infused with elements designed to enhance well-being.  
  • Expansive aquatic adventures, dining experiences that cater to the connoisseur, and architectural marvels that echo the lost city of Atlantis. 

3. Atlantis Royal Tower

A twin titan of luxury, the Atlantis Royal Tower offers a retreat for those who seek the extraordinary. Allow yourself the luxury of time amidst the opulence of the Atlantis Royal Tower (rated highly by Forbes), where each moment is crafted to be a respite for the soul. Here’s what else you can expect:

  • A spa haven that offers therapeutic massages that harness both ancient techniques and modern innovation and estheticians.
  • Aquatic thrills of its water park.
  • Culinary expeditions across its world-class restaurants.
  • A tropical beach with palm trees, cabanas, lounge chairs, and Breathless Punta Cana Resort & Spa ideal for destination weddings in the background under a clear blue sky.

    Punta Cana Weddings

    Breathless Punta Cana Resort and Spa

    The Punta Cana wedding sands will leave you breathless when you exchange ‘I dos’ — pun fully intended. Expect top-tier lavishness at this adults-only paradise boasting chic accommodations via apartment-style quarters for your unforgettable Dominican Republic destination wedding.
    Breathless Punta Cana Resort and Spa: Read more
    • venue iconVenues: 9
    • adults only iconAdults-Only
    • car icon40 Minutes
    Package Costs: $1,399$11,449

4. Breathless Punta Cana

Looking for an adults-only escape that pulses with energy? Look no further than Breathless Punta Cana. Nestled in the vibrant heart of Punta Cana, this resort is a sanctuary for those seeking a spa experience like no other, and here’s why: 

  • A blend of traditional and avant-garde treatments that extend beyond the walls of the spa. 
  • Indulge in a hydrotherapy circuit or a deep tissue massage.
  • The Exhale Club offers a premium tier of luxury.
  • Aerial of Dreams Vista Cancun Golf & Spa Resort Cancún, Q.R., Mexico

    Cancun Weddings

    Dreams Vista Cancun

    Ensconced in the luxury of the Puerta del Mar gated community, this all inclusive Mexican resort offers stylish architecture and breathtaking scenic views — these green grounds lie waiting for freshly married honeymooners to tee off their serene getaway.
    Dreams Vista Cancun: Read more
    • venue iconVenues: 7
    • family-friendly iconFamily Friendly
    • car icon35 Minutes
    Package Costs: $1,399$11,449

5. Dreams Vista Cancun

Indulge in a family-friendly atmosphere blended with undeniable opulence at Dreams Vista Cancun. This ultimate family resort offers a spa experience that caters to every member of the family. Here’s what sets it apart: 

  • Age-appropriate treatments that ensure relaxation are a universal language spoken here.  
  • The immersive Explorer’s Club offers a wide range of tailored activities and adventures. 
  • Gourmet dining experiences for the entire family, satisfying every palate. 

6. Royalton St Lucia

Experience the essence of elegance at Royalton St Lucia, where luxury is not an option but a standard. The spa at Royalton is a cornerstone of the experience, providing a space where beauty and tranquility reign supreme. Here’s what awaits you: 

  • Signature rituals inspired by local traditions and natural bounty. 
  • Treatment rooms that open to the breathtaking beauty of St Lucia’s landscapes. 
  • Wellness programs catering to both the body and the mind, including fitness classes and mindfulness sessions. 
  • View from a balcony showing a destination wedding at Dreams Curacao with a pool, palm trees, and the ocean under a clear blue sky, with a table featuring breakfast items.

    Curacao Weddings

    Dreams Curacao

    Nestled on the sandy shores of Piscadera Bay on the sun-kissed island of Curacao, Dreams Curacao Resort, Spa & Casino welcomes you to celebrate your dream Caribbean wedding.
    Dreams Curacao: Read more
    • venue iconVenues: 3
    • family-friendly iconFamily Friendly
    • car icon20 Minutes
    Package Costs: $1,549$12,599

7. Dreams Curacao

On the vibrant shores of Curacao, Dreams Curacao presents a picturesque setting where every view is a masterpiece. Infused with the spirit of the island, the spa experience at Dreams Curacao embraces the rich palette of cultures and traditions. Here’s what makes it a unique getaway: 

  • Diverse and therapeutic treatments inspired by the island’s cultural heritage. 
  • A spa design reflecting the vibrant hues of Curacao, energizing and serene. 
  • A cultural adventure beyond the spa, with opportunities to explore the island’s heritage and dive into underwater marvels. 

The Best Caribbean Spa Resorts Await You

Our selection of the best spa resorts in the Caribbean provides an escape from the mundane and a gateway to rejuvenation. The perfect spa sanctuary awaits to make your next getaway unforgettable—contact us at Destify to plan your rejuvenating escape to the Caribbean.

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