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Destination Wedding Cinematographer: Capturing Video of Your Big Day

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Hiring a videographer is one of many increasingly popular wedding trends. A wedding cinematographer can offer a brilliant, new way to remember your wedding through professional video footage. 

This article will discuss the benefits of hiring a photographer and videographer for wedding memories, what to know as you look for a cinematographer, and how special a wedding video book can be!

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Modern Videography

Hiring a wedding cinematographer is one of the best ways to preserve your wedding memories. Photography is always a special way to capture your special day, but there is so much modern technology available now that makes it easy to capture more than just still images of your wedding. 

Hire a videographer to film your ceremony, the reception, or any other special moments that you will want to remember forever! Additionally, filming your wedding can be a great way to connect with friends and family who are unable to travel to attend your destination wedding. Through a livestream or a video of the ceremony after the fact, your loved ones can still celebrate with you!

Hiring a Videographer

Hiring the right wedding cinematographer is important to capturing your wedding the way you want. Here are a few tips to keep in mind as you begin your search. 

Know What You Want

Make sure that you know what you want out of your wedding video. Are you thinking about creating a wedding video book, or just a recording of the ceremony? There are a few different ways to film, so make sure you know how to talk to your videographer. Help them get the information they need so they can give you the best service possible. 

Two primary ways of filming weddings are through a documentary style and a cinematic style. Documentary-style videography is very traditional; there will not be a lot of serious editing done, and will likely feature live conversations and natural lighting. Watching will feel like reliving your wedding all over again. 

Cinematic-style wedding videos, on the other hand, will be a more narrative-based depiction of your wedding. Events will flow into each other, maybe not all in linear order, to paint a picture of the experience and your love for each other. 

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Pricing Factors

The cost of modern videography services, especially at a destination wedding, is not going to be cheap. Typically in the United States, the average cost will be about $1,500 to $2,000, but destination wedding videography can have a higher price. This cost will include the raw footage, editing and post-production, and the best equipment for the job. However, many of our favorite resort partners offer packages directly on-site, which could save you a ton of money, and make booking the service that much easier.

One of the best ways to reduce the cost of your wedding video is to hire a photographer and videographer for wedding ceremonies in one go. Many photographers also offer video services at a better price, or might be able to connect you with a good referral. Additionally, you could ask the videographer for only the raw footage that you can edit later if you want, or keep the film time short, like only shooting the ceremony or the reception. The less time the videographer is working, the lower the price will be. 

What to Film

The other point to address when talking to your photographer and videographer is what exactly you want captured. Make sure that you have a wedding vision from the beginning that you can express to the videographer, complete with what you want filmed and notes on how. Here are some modern videography wedding trends and moments that you might consider implementing into your wedding video: 

  1. Drone Footage: For a brilliant bird’s-eye view of the ceremony and the venue, ask your wedding cinematographer about implementing drone footage! Add a new perspective to your wedding video and enjoy breathtaking footage of your wedding backdrop. 
  2. Slow-Motion Footage: Slow-motion footage can help create a dreamy and ethereal atmosphere in your wedding video. It is a great way to capture detailed facial expressions from the wedding couple, like during their first dance or walking down the aisle. 
  3. First-Look: Consider organizing a private first-look moment where you and your soon-to-be spouse can encounter each other before the ceremony begins. This is a beautiful, intimate moment that makes for an incredible video. 
  4. Late-Night Celebration: Capture the excitement and celebration after the ceremony! After the reception meal and toasts have been made, let your videographer grab some footage of everyone dancing and laughing into the night.  

Wedding Video Book

Your wedding cinematographer will typically give you your final wedding video on a DVD or as a file on your computer. There are plenty of ways to hold onto that footage, like decorating a special DVD case or transferring the video to a VHS tape for something more retro. One increasingly popular and unique way of preserving your wedding video is creating a video book

A wedding video book is exactly what it sounds like: a small book with a video screen on the interior. Once you open the cover, the video begins playing, complete with audio and editing capability! This makes for a fun alternative to a traditional photo album that you can keep out on the coffee table or on your shelf. There are endless benefits to modern videography and technology, which means that you have some incredible options for preserving your wedding memories until the end of time. 

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Closing Thoughts

The right wedding cinematographer can lead to your greatest memories preserved in the most perfect way. Whether you are looking for a documentary-style depiction of your wedding or a cinematic film to add to a video book, you can find the perfect cinematographer for your special day! 

Team up with Destify to work with a wedding planner who can help you make every frame of your destination wedding video perfect. From booking the resort to reception decorations, Destify is here to help make your wedding day feel magical. 

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