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Save the Wedding: Brilliant Ways to Preserve Your Memories

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Your wedding can be one of the most special, meaningful days of your life. It only makes sense that you would want to preserve your memories for years to come. But you might ask yourself, “How can I preserve our wedding day?” There’s no need to worry – there are plenty of unique ways to save the wedding!

This article will cover different ways to save your wedding memories, including special photos, keepsakes, and some ideas to preserve wedding bouquets.  

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One fun way to save the wedding for years to come is through a scrapbook. Take all of your favorite photos from before, during, and after your ceremony and create a beautiful book commemorating “Our Wedding Day.”

Choosing photos together and looking back at your special day can be a unique way to remember your wedding day as a couple. You can even ask for photos taken by your wedding party and guests to get some fun candids. 

 Unique Photoshoots

Consider a unique photoshoot at your wedding venue. Think about wedding photos along the ocean, or even in the water! Remember the joy and excitement of taking your destination wedding photos, and have unique images to frame for years to come. Working with a photographer who specializes in destination weddings will help you create unforgettable moments. 

 Wedding Website/Blog

You can also save memories by creating a wedding website or blog. This way, you have an online space to save your wedding photography for both yourself and all of your wedding guests. If you create a blog, you can document the days or weeks leading up to the wedding, and even document your honeymoon. 


Film and Videography

In addition to getting photos of your wedding, you might want to hire someone to film your wedding too. Filming weddings is becoming more and more popular, and it is a great way for you to save the wedding in its entirety, documenting your ceremony and reception. You could even convert your wedding video into a VHS tape to have a fun, retro token of your wedding. 

Decorative Cake Toppers

It might be difficult to preserve a piece of your actual wedding cake, but you can keep your wedding cake topper! When you choose your cake topper, look for something that feels special and personal to you as a couple.

It can be whatever material or shape you want; don’t feel like you have to follow tradition if it doesn’t feel right. After the wedding is over, you can bring home your special cake topper as a way to save memories of both your cake and your wedding celebration. 

Creating a Shadow Box

You might also decide to make a shadow box to preserve memories from your wedding. Almost anything can go into a shadowbox – a dried flower from a bouquet, a piece of fabric from a wedding dress or suit, a photo, or anything you can think of! You could even get a custom shadow box with engraved text, reading “Our Wedding Day.” A shadow box is a special keepsake that can be created unique to you and your wedding. 

Commemorate Vows or Lyrics

You can also save your wedding vows or your first dance by creating a piece of art out of them! You can work with an artist to create a calligraphy piece of either your vows or lyrics from your first dance. This way, you have a special memory to look back on and read whenever you want. Save the wedding by saving some of the most special words in your ceremony. 

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Preserving Your Wedding Bouquet

Wooden Flower Bouquet

One of the more unique ideas for preserving wedding bouquets is a wooden flower bouquet. Wooden bouquets can still be customized and crafted to become the bouquet of your dreams. With a wooden bouquet, your flowers will never die or require upkeep. You can keep them forever and display them in your home as an everlasting testament to your bond and your love. 

Dried or Pressed Flowers

If you prefer to have a bouquet of live flowers as you walk down the aisle, there are ways to preserve them. You could press your flowers and frame them or add them to a wedding scrapbook. Or, you could get your bouquet professionally dried. This is a great way to preserve your bouquet and keep it in your home to admire for years to come. 

Bouquet Jewelry 

If you are looking for ideas to preserve wedding bouquet pieces, you might want to turn your wedding bouquet into jewelry! Encasing a flower or a petal in resin and creating a necklace or pair of earrings can be a beautiful way to remember your special day. You can wear your wedding memories for any occasion. This could also be a meaningful anniversary or honeymoon gift to celebrate your marriage. 

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Special Memories

These are just a few of the ways that you can save memories of your wedding as you move into married life. Save the wedding through special keepsakes or meaningful photo albums. If you want to preserve your wedding bouquet, you can do so in a few different ways! Your wedding is one of the most special days of your life and you should have fun reminiscing about your celebration.   

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