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What do you Wear to a Destination Wedding?

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It’s the week before the wedding, and you’re staring at your closet. The trickiest part is often deciding what do you wear to a destination wedding.

Well, you’re in luck. Beach weddings typically welcome less-traditional wedding garb, with many couples opting for brighter colors and lighter fabrics. With a beautiful backdrop and enchanting weather at your disposal, the fashion opportunities are endless!

Let’s take a look at some of the most popular beach wedding wardrobe options:

Beach Wedding Attire

Beach Formal

Destination wedding group posing behind a beach gazebo

Whether you’re hosting or attending, beach formal calls for attire similar to traditional wedding outfits. This means suits or tuxes with slacks for men; and dresses or formal jumpsuits for women. Keep in mind that your outfit also depends on where the venue is located.

If you’re placed on a Dreams Riviera Cancun style rooftop or terrace space overlooking the beach, then plan for customary wedding attire. On the flip side, beach wedding ceremonies just feet from the ocean may call for lighter maxi dresses or blazers, not to mention shorter heels and sand-friendly dress shoes. Comfort is an important aspect to consider for any type of destination wedding. Get beach inspired!

Beach Semi-Formal/Cocktail

Newlywed couple and their group on the beach

Semi-formal or beach wedding cocktail attire mirrors beach formal kits. This time around, however, you can get creative with it! Floral, argyle, and other unique patterns can spice up your big day. Keep in mind that loud colors and patterns, while eye-catching, aren’t recommended for semi-formal outfits.

It’s time to shed some layers, especially at sun-soaked locations like Royalton Bavaro. Lighter blazer and dress fabrics are perfect for this occasion. Keep your eyes out for flexible slacks and shorter-length beachy dresses.

We recommend packing either a maxi-dress or tea-length skirt to avoid looking too casual. Wedges, flats, and chunky sandals are acceptable for this situation.

Beach Casual

Couple getting married at a beach destination wedding venue

Get even more comfortable with beach casual attire. Men, break out the formal polos, button down shirts, and light slacks (or shorts) but avoid cotton t-shirts. Comfort is the name of the game here, but you’ll still want to look classy. Flip-flops are permissible but we recommend formal boat shoes or high-quality loafers to bring your outfit up a notch.

Sundresses and casual rompers are perfect for this occasion. Our recommendation? If it’s beach casual, take full advantage of the dress code. This means lighter garments, open-toed sandals and flats, and departing from traditional wedding dresses.

Is it okay to wear a gown to a wedding?

Bride striking a pose on a destination wedding beach

It’s definitely okay. But remember, you might walk an aisle that’s not made of stone or concrete. It’s important to note that the shorter the gown the better. Traditional gowns aren’t as breathable compared to lighter dresses or rompers.

We recommend opting for more breathable fabrics, making a more comfortable beach gown that encourages relaxation but maintains that classic flair while tying the knot at pure white sand venues like Hyatt Ziva Cancun.

What shouldn’t you wear to a destination wedding?

Couple enjoying a cocktail by the pool at an all-inclusive resort

Beach wedding attire should be light-hearted and fun, but not too fun. The invitation might say “Beach Attire,” but this doesn’t mean you should go overboard. Ergo, please leave your swim trunks, bikinis, or graphic t-shirts in the suite.

Unless explicitly stated, avoid beachwear flip-flops or going barefoot. While this is a more casual occasion, this isn’t a cookout or typical day at the beach.

Beach weddings are kind to those who dress comfortably. But that shouldn’t stop you from pursuing formal gowns or tuxedos. No matter which style you choose, you have many options to choose from, all perfect for your dream sun-soaked ceremony. Whether you’re slapping on a Margaritaville patterned shirt or a pastel sundress, don’t forget a change of shoes for your swanky reception!

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