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Almost every country in the world has its own wedding traditions. Most of them have a deeper meaning and are very unique. Follow below as we highlight wedding traditions from around the world:

Germany – Cutting a log and wedding games

This happens in some rural areas in Germany: A couple of days before the wedding, couples celebrate “Polterabend”. Poltern is the German word for making a noise. This is a party for their friends and family. No-one gets an invitation, but the word somehow gets out. These parties can be very large and usually, there is free beer for everyone. Any guest attending has to bring something made of crockery or china and this is then smashed in front of the couple’s home and symbolizes good luck.

After the wedding ceremony, during the champagne reception, usually, some friends of the couple will have prepared a 1-m long log on a trestle. They then give the couple a large two-handled saw and they have to cut the log in half. This is to symbolize that the couple can overcome problems together.

Also, during the wedding day, the couple’s friends will have prepared lots of games in which the couple can take part in. For example, they have a large bed sheet with a large heart drawn on it and the couple has to cut out the heart with tiny scissors. The groom then has to carry the bride through the heart. Quite often, older family members come forward and read a poem or give a speech.

Spanish brides wear a black wedding dress

Traditional brides with the Roman Catholic faith were obliged to wear a black wedding dress. This is meant to be a symbol of the bride’s devotion to her marriage until death. Furthermore, it symbolizes commitment and respect.

Scotland – the groom wears a skirt

Well, technically, it’s called a kilt, but it looks like a skirt. The proper Scottish groom’s wedding attire consists of brogues (shoes), the kilt socks, the Sgian-Dubh ( which is a knife worn in one of the socks), the kilt, sporran (which is a pouch worn around the waist), shirt and waistcoat. Edinburgh Wedding Photographer Nadin confirms that most groomsmen often wear the same kilt as the groom. The kilt pattern is usually the groom’s family clan’s pattern.

Greece – Do a money dance

Traditionally, the couple has the last dance of the night and guests can throw money at them, or even pin money to their clothes. So if a guest wants to dance with the bride, they should pay for it. A fun way to fill up the couples’ savings.

Sweden – Showering the bride with gold

In Sweden, this is one of the most unusual wedding traditions: her father gives the bride a gold coin for her right shoe and the mother gives her a silver coin for her left shoe. This is meant to bless the bride with everlasting luck and blossoming income.

In Sweden, there is no tradition where the father of the bride gives his daughter away to her husband. Usually, the bride and groom will walk down the aisle together.

Romania – Kidnapping the bride

This is a funny one and also traditional in some parts of Germany. Funny as it sounds, brides have been taken hostage for hundreds of years in many parts of Romania. This strange wedding tradition is quite common around this country and the guests eagerly anticipate this part of the wedding. Wedding guests have to “kidnap” the bride before the big ceremony, keep her in a nearby secret location and wait for the groom to barter for her return.

Italy – Cut ties

In Italy, they cut the groom’s tie at the wedding reception. The tie is cut into tiny pieces and sold to the wedding guests. The proceeds then contribute to the couple’s wedding expenses.

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