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10 Must-Have Items for a Destination Wedding Survival Kit

A destination wedding survival kit box of band aids.

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An important, but often overlooked aspect of wedding planning is putting together an emergency bag for the wedding day. Whether you are a bride, a groom, a member of the wedding party, or a guest, you should be prepared. But what should be in a destination wedding survival kit? What about a wedding survival kit for guests? You can buy pre-assembled wedding survival kits from a variety of websites, or you can make your own. Keep reading to learn our recommendations for what to include in your wedding planner emergency kit. 

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What to Include in an Emergency Bag for Your Wedding Day

No matter where you’re getting married, there are some items you should have in your survival kit. These items should be on hand during the ceremony and reception. While not every single person at the ceremony needs to bring everything on the list, someone at the wedding party can make sure everything is accessible to the happy couple. 

First Aid Supplies

Dealing with blisters, a headache, heartburn, or any other common but not fun problems at a wedding can be a pain. A wedding emergency kit should have band-aids, pain relievers, antacids, and of course any prescription medication. 

Fashion Emergencies

A snag of a thread, a bra that won’t stay where it needs to, a splash of red wine, a chipped nail, or running mascara are just some fashion and style-related emergencies that can happen at any wedding. Having a small sewing kit, some fashion tape and safety pins, stain remover, nail file and clear polish, a lint roller, and of course a makeup touch-up kit can solve these fashion emergencies almost as quickly as they occur. 


We’re used to relying on our phones for almost everything. Phones can break and service can be spotty. Having physical printed copies of important documents can ensure access. The wedding party should have a printed list of vendors and their contracts, the wedding timeline and program, copies of the vows and any speeches, and emergency contact information. Every wedding survival kit for guests should include photocopies of their IDs and insurance information, just in case. 


Technology is integrated into everything. Even if you are aiming to disconnect from tech during a wedding, having a portable battery pack and a phone charger is handy for keeping your phone charged in case of emergencies. And of course for some candid photos. 

Health and Comfort

Being uncomfortable or unwell during a wedding, especially during a destination wedding, can be miserable. Comfort aids for an emergency should include a backup pair of comfy shoes, such as flats, travel-size deodorant, perfume or cologne, and baby powder or another anti-chafing aid. Snacks and water are especially important for the wedding party. Tampons or other female products should be in someone’s emergency kit in case of an unexpected incident. For outdoor weddings, sunscreen and insect repellent can be beneficial. If there is an open bar, or even a cash bar, or even if there isn’t, having some type of electrolyte drink – Gatorade, vitamin water, liquid IV – is important to stay hydrated.  

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Destination Wedding Survival Kits

Destination weddings require some different items and some extremely important items in your destination wedding survival kit. Wedding planner emergency kits are increasingly important when you are a plane ride away from home, and probably not close to a Target or a convenience store. 


We already mentioned having copies of important papers and IDs, but when traveling, be sure to have all your necessary documents. Passports, photocopies of your passport, insurance information, medical information, flight and travel information, and anything else relevant to the trip should be secured in a safe space. 

Language Barriers

If the destination wedding is in a place where the native language is not your own, and you are not fluent, be prepared for a language barrier. While English is considered one of the international travel languages, it’s still important to be prepared. If you have food or other allergies, having a printed card listing those allergies in the native language can be helpful for employees and staff at a hotel or resort. Having a translation app on your phone can also help in case of an emergency. 

Contingency Plans

Having an emergency plan is always important, but increasingly important when you are far from home. While you may not need it, having cash, or at least access to cash from an emergency fund, is a good way to be prepared. Depending on your destination and your personal preferences, if you purchase travel insurance have the printed information on hand. 


Unlike a stateside wedding, destination wedding survival kits need to take into account your phone plan. If you’re leaving the country, be sure to check your phone carrier’s international plans to make sure you will have coverage.   

Luggage Tracker

Having your luggage disappear is always a concern, but having luggage that might contain a wedding outfit or rings, is a bigger concern. Consider adding a Bluetooth luggage tracker such as an Airtag or a Tile to your destination wedding emergency kit so you can keep an eye on everything you need. 

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Creating Memories

There’s a lot to think about when planning a wedding. The where, the when, the guest list, the theme, food, vendors, and the honeymoon just to name some. Destify wants you to focus on making meaningful memories and not running around looking for a bandaid after your shoes gave you a blister. 

A wedding planner emergency kit can help your destination wedding be a smooth and stress-free day. This list provides just some ideas, but our expert team can help you and your guests figure out exactly what you should have in your survival kits. Contact Destify to get started on designing your dream destination wedding today!

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