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How to Create the Perfect Wedding Registry

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Let’s be honest, your friends will want to throw engagement parties and bridal showers for you after taking the first leap. In terms of protocol, your family and friends may want to prepare those activities for you–but those who will attend shouldn’t arrive empty-handed. When it’s time for your guests to shop for presents, they’ll go straight to your registry – so make it easy for them (and you). Here are some of our best recommendations on how to create the perfect wedding registry:

Don’t Wait Too Long to Register

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It’s the lesser-known, yet equally important factor of destination wedding planning: building your registry. When it comes to timing, double-check your wedding dates before sending out save-the-dates or planning engagement parties and showers. People will give you presents, but punctual people will gift sooner than later, so make sure you have at least a rough idea about what you want and need.

Do you actually want it?

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Will a wine decanter fit your lifestyle more than a set of high-quality paint brushes? Put things on your list that you can use and enjoy. Select items you’ll utlize on a daily basis. Never want something because you think it’s what you’re supposed to want but doesn’t feel right, just like when planning your wedding.

You’re Not Alone in This

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This isn’t just about getting your partner’s support. Look for a place to register where professionals can guide you through the process. They will assist you in determining which items will complement your aesthetic and which will align best for your lifestyle. They’ll also help select items across the budget spectrum so everyone who comes to your shower can select something that meets their own private budgets. Couples can be just as enthusiastic about their registry as they are about their wedding, and it should be fun!

Plan Ahead for Lifestyle Choices

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Consider what things you’ll need as your lifestyle changes. When couples grow older, they prefer to entertain at home more (less clubbing!). Consider who you’ll be entertaining, what drinks you’ll serve, and what glasses and stemware you’ll need when the time comes. Even at a casual party, you’ll probably serve delectable appetizers on a classy charcuterie board.

Look for Multi-Use Items

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Become a multi-purpose product registrant. Think of simple yet practical items that’ll make your life easier in the longrun. Desiring a spa day at home? Unwind with a bathtub caddy like the one pictured above. Calling all foodies! The perfect wedding registry gift starts with “pressure” and ends with “cooker.” The greater the number of uses an object has, the more importance it will have in your home.

Don’t Register for Just Essentials

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There will be loved ones who will want to gift you something luxurious and unforgettable. So, if you don’t want them to go off-registry, make sure to order a few exclusive things. Higher ticket items could include bed frames, chairs, appliances and more.

Don’t Forget Decor

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Consider things other than linens, tableware, and kitchen appliances. A nice mirror, a lamp, blankets, and pillows will help your place feel more like a home, and guests will enjoy seeing their gifts in action.

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