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How to Be a Best Man at a Destination Wedding

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Being a best man entails much more than throwing a fantastic bachelor party. He may not realize it, but there’s more that the ideal best man should be aware of; especially when headlining a destination wedding bridal party. Simply put: the groom requires the assistance of a right-hand man! For those of us gearing up to support our closest to-be newlywed friends from planning to aisle, let’s learn more about how to be a stellar best man at a destination wedding:

The best man’s responsibilities begin well before the wedding, so get ready to handle the following tasks:

1. Help the groom get dressed.

Although the bride’s gown is the center point of the event, the groom also wants to look his best. Not only is the best man supposed to assist in the groom’s attire, but he is also expected to coordinate with and assist the other groomsmen!

2. Organize the bachelor party.

The bachelor party, perhaps the most well-known of the best man’s responsibilities, is a time-honored ritual. The best man should organize with the other groomsmen and be in charge of collecting money from everyone for the divided expenditures. However, it’s quite acceptable to enlist the assistance of the other groomsmen in planning the bachelor party.

3. Plan a gift to the groom.

It is customary for the groomsmen to give the groom a gift before the wedding. The best man is in charge of coordinating this present.

4. Be emotional support to the groom.

A bride’s maid of honor is her rock, and the groom’s best man should be the same. For every complaint, confession, or query, the best man should be present. He’s the steadying force in the midst of wedding preparation chaos, and he should be prepared to listen without passing judgment.

5. Make a toast at the rehearsal and rehearsal dinner.

While this isn’t a requirement for a best man, it’s so prevalent that we included it on the list.


1. Keep everyone on time.

Because the groom will most likely be worried and excited on the wedding day, it is the best man’s obligation to keep an eye on the clock and ensure that all of the groomsmen are on time. He’ll also make sure the groomsmen are behaving themselves. Perhaps he should be known as the “groomsman wrangler.”

2. Hold onto the wedding rings.

The best man is supposed to keep the wedding rings safe for the groom in case he forgets or misplaces them.

3. Help diffuse anything that goes wrong.

A good best man ensures that everything runs well. That implies that if there are any last-minute cancellations or issues, the best man will step in and entertain the crowd until the issue is resolved.

4. Offer the first toast to the newlyweds at the reception.

This should be a tearjerker. This is the best man’s most important task!

5. Help the maid-of-honor collect and store gifts and cards at the wedding reception.

The best man and maid of honor should collaborate with the bride and groom to decide where any gifts should be stored throughout the wedding and be in charge of collecting them while the newlyweds dance the night away.


1. Coordinate (and decorate) the getaway transportation.

The best man should collaborate with the bridesmaids to ensure that the newlyweds have a memorable night!

2. Take care of the grooms and groomsmen’s clothes after they’ve changed.

If tuxedos have been hired, it is the best man’s obligation to ensure that they are returned in good condition and on time.

3. Take care of any last-minute expenses.

At least one month before the big day, all vendors should have been paid in full. However, if something unexpected occurs, it is the best man who ensures that it is resolved.

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