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Destination Wedding Seating Arrangements: Making Everyone Feel Welcome

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One tough part of wedding planning is figuring out your destination wedding seating chart. With all of your friends and loved ones present, how do you determine the best place for everyone to sit? This article is here to help you create the perfect wedding table seating chart for your destination wedding, from large guest lists to elopements. 

wedding table seating chart

Know Who’s On the List

Before the discussion of wedding seating arrangements even begins, it is essential to know who is coming to your wedding. Sending out your “save the dates”, especially for a destination wedding, needs to be done far in advance. About nine months before the wedding is a great heads-up for all of your invited guests and party members, so they can have ample time to figure out travel plans. 

The earlier your invites go out, the earlier your RSVP deadline can be. This way, you know who to add to your wedding table seating chart, and you can do assignments a couple of months in advance, which takes some stress off of your plate.

Consider Your Numbers

Your destination wedding seating chart is also going to be reliant on how many people you are inviting to your wedding! Traditional weddings can have a guest list of between fifty and one hundred people. However, you may be looking for a more intimate wedding with a smaller guest list. Larger guest numbers mean more tables to configure and overall, more work to do with your seating chart. 

A small wedding makes your seating chart work a lot easier; if your wedding has less than twenty people present, you might even be able to have everyone at the same table. Smaller groups mean more close friends and family who might know each other already. This also takes away the hassle of worrying about awkward conversations or introductions. 

Choose a Table Shape

When you are thinking about how to do a seating chart for your wedding, do not underestimate the importance of your table choice. Round tables are the more traditional option for a wedding reception, and they offer your guests more legroom. However, larger rectangular tables are better for allowing your guests to connect, as seats are closer together and you can talk over the table easily. 

If you opt for multiple round tables, try to seat guests with at least one or two of their friends, so everyone has a familiar person at the table with them. With a larger rectangular table, try to seat friends next to or across from each other, so they can meet new people on all sides while still having a familiar face close by.  

Consider Your Guests

While your wedding should be about you, it is also important to make sure your guests and loved ones have a good time. When you are navigating how to do a seating chart for your wedding, be sure to have an awareness of the needs and relationships of your guests. 

Try your best to avoid conflict and tension in your wedding seating arrangements. If there are exes at your wedding, or family members who never see eye-to-eye, try to place them at different tables or far away from each other so no one feels uncomfortable. 

Proper etiquette when creating your seating charts is essential. This means having an awareness of everyone’s needs and preferences. For instance, try to seat your elderly guests away from the music speakers, but within sightline of the dance floor. Make sure guests in wheelchairs or with other disabilities have clear and easy access to restrooms, exits, and the dance floor. 

destination wedding seating chart

Family First

Don’t be afraid to prioritize your family and closest friends in your wedding table seating chart. Where you assign their seating is entirely up to you, but it is very likely that they will want to be close to you. 

Consider a family table for both sets of parents and grandparents, or have them join you at the head table if you so wish! Be mindful of blended families and divorced parents; if they are not on the best of terms, think about creating two different family tables or seating divorced parents separately from each other at a larger table. 

Create a Fun Atmosphere

In addition to figuring out how to do a seating chart that will make everyone happy at your wedding, consider the atmosphere that you want to create at your reception. The goal is to ensure everyone feels comfortable and happy in their seat, but consider adding some fun entertainment elements to guarantee everyone’s enjoyment. 

Some popular new wedding trends involve immersive entertainment like orchestras, professional theatrics, and even a unique dress code. These elements can add to everyone’s experience and help the entire night go off without a hitch. 

Design Your Chart

When you are creating the perfect destination wedding seating chart, you may have to take a couple of tries. It can be a tricky process that takes a lot of thought and care. Try printing out a few different copies of the floor plan of your reception venue. Then, pencil in your guests to see what works. Make a few different wedding seating arrangements so you can really think everything through. 

When it comes to finalizing your seating chart and putting it up for everyone to see, there are plenty of great design websites that can help. Try a design site like Canva to help you create a seating chart that matches the aesthetics and theme of your wedding, while also being clearly organized and easy to read. 

Elegant wedding reception hall decorated with white flowers, gold chairs, and geometric wall designs.
Elegant wedding reception hall decorated with white flowers, gold chairs, and geometric wall designs.

Parting Thoughts

Deciding on wedding seating arrangements can feel like a daunting task. Luckily, it doesn’t have to be! Taking into account the relationships and possible tensions that your guests may have with each other, as well as providing fun entertainment, can really help your reception dinner go smoothly. 

If you are looking for more assistance, consider talking to a Destify wedding planner to help you configure your seating arrangements. Destify planners are here to help you every step of the way on your path to “I Do.”

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