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How Far Out Should I Send My Destination Wedding Save the Dates?

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So, you and your betrothed have finally chosen a date for your destination wedding. Congratulations! Now it is time for destination wedding save the dates. 

Save the dates are an important part of the wedding planning process. And destination weddings require more notice for your guests, because they need more time to plan ‒ for both couples and their guests. 

So, how soon should I send out my destination wedding save the dates? This is your guide with everything you need to know about those all-important little cards, from when to send save the dates to the merits of digital save the dates and what to put on save the dates.

what to put on save the dates

Destination Wedding Save the Dates: What You Need to Know

Oftentimes, save the dates are the first type of wedding stationery you will purchase. While save the dates are important, there are very few rules associated with save the dates versus other types of wedding stationery. 

Save the dates offer opportunities to have fun and show off your personality! Some couples like to include a fun photo of themselves and their pet. Others create a unique save-the-date magnet for guests to display on their refrigerators at home. 

The opportunities for your save the date cards are endless. But, no matter which font and photo you choose, there are some guidelines you will want to follow when it comes to the timeline of sending out save the dates for your upcoming destination wedding. So, when are you supposed to send them out? 

Save the dates have different rules when it comes to local weddings versus destination weddings. For many of your guests at a destination wedding, they will have to purchase travel tickets, book hotel rooms, get passports, rent cars, ask for time off from work, and even find a babysitter to watch the kids. Otherwise, they may not be able to be by your side on your big day. 

After all, only a percentage of your invited guests will attend your destination wedding. But you increase the chances of a “yes” RSVP if you send out your save the dates well before the big day! But no worries – we have all the details you need to get your notices designed, personalized, and mailed in enough time.

when to send save the dates

When to Send Save the Dates for My Destination Wedding

As soon as you have decided on the who, when, and where for your wedding, it’s time to send those save-the-dates as soon as possible ‒ especially for a destination wedding. If possible, order your save-the-dates about 12 months before your destination wedding date. 

Then, hit send or drop the save-the-date cards in the mailbox by at least nine months before the big day. This gives your guests plenty of time to plan their travel, book their childcare, renew their passports if necessary, and decide what to wear to your destination wedding.

But the sooner you send out your save-the-dates, the better! You don’t want any of your closest friends and family to miss out on your wedding because they couldn’t book a hotel room or they missed the best time to book a flight.

While this is a great rule of thumb when it comes to sending out your save the dates, obviously it is not set in stone. There are some circumstances, like a short engagement, that can make it impossible to send out save-the-dates that far in advance. 

What to Put on Save the Dates

Now you know when to send save the dates for your destination wedding. But what should you include on your important cards? There are tons of options and ideas when it comes to save-the-dates these days. Whether you send out a traditional card, a refrigerator magnet, or just a simple email, what to put on save the dates for a destination wedding remains the same.

It’s important to add all the details to your save the dates, including:

  • The couple’s names 
  • Your wedding date
  • The destination of your wedding
  • The venue of your destination wedding with hotel booking information

For a non-destination wedding, the date is the most important part of save-the-dates. Your guests likely won’t have to book travel, so they won’t need as many details that far in advance. 

What you choose to include beyond the significant information is up to you! After all, save the dates have the fewest rules of any stationery associated with your big day. You might even opt for digital save the dates. 

What About Digital Save the Dates?

These days, many couples choose to send digital save the dates for their destination wedding. After all, technology plays an important role in modern destination wedding planning.

There are several electronic wedding save-the-dates tips and etiquette to keep in mind, if you opt for the digital version. 

Not only are save the dates a courtesy to send to those you are interested in having to attend your wedding, but they also help you gauge who on your list might be interested in traveling for your nuptials. 

Once your save the dates are out, you can begin working on other wedding-related tasks, like creating a seating chart according to etiquette and drafting the wording for your destination wedding invitations.

digital save the dates

Destify Will Save the Date for Your Dream Destination Wedding

Send your destination wedding save the dates and let Destify do the rest! We will take care of nearly everything for your destination wedding – from helping you choose a resort, to selecting a wedding package, and even helping your guests book all of their airfare, accommodations, and transportation well in advance. 

We will also create a personalized wedding website for guests to find all of your wedding details, including booking info, deposit options, and payment plans. Contact Destify today to start planning your dream destination wedding!

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