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Destination Wedding Rehearsal Dinner Ideas: Creating Memorable Pre-Wedding Moments

destination wedding rehearsal dinner


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Wedding planning can be stressful, with so many events, meals, and guests to account for. One factor in your wedding planning is finding the right rehearsal dinner ideas for your destination wedding. If you are looking for a unique theme, activity, or even a fun alternative to rehearsal dinner, this article is here to help. 

how to plan a rehearsal dinner

How to Plan a Rehearsal Dinner

Planning your destination wedding rehearsal dinner can be a complicated process. There are different details to keep track of, from the menu to the guest list – and rehearsal dinner ideas to make the night feel special. Here are some tips for planning the perfect rehearsal dinner

  1. Keep Transportation Easy: If your guests are traveling separately to the rehearsal dinner location, try not to make your destination a long distance from your resort. Keep directions clear and simple so everyone has an easy time finding the location. As an alternative, consider arranging travel for everyone. Book a limo or party bus for an exciting trip to your dinner location, or reserve a private suite at your resort. 
  1. Schedule Plenty of Time: Speeches and toasts are very common at a rehearsal dinner. Try to book your dinner with enough time to accommodate those speeches and other activities. If you have an activity planned afterward, try to account for transportation time, too!
  1. Account for Allergies: Try to create an allergy-free menu or book dinner at a place that can accommodate the intolerances of your guest list. All of your loved ones want to enjoy the night and eat good food, so be sure to account for everyone’s needs!

Choose a Theme

One great way to make your rehearsal dinner special is to add a theme! A theme is a fun way to bring some excitement to your celebratory meal. Themes mean that your guests have to put some extra thought into their attire or even their persona! It is a great way to increase people’s excitement for the night. 

Up the Drama

One of the most popular wedding trends is a theme or set of rules that feels personal for the soon-to-be-wed couple. If you and your soon-to-be spouse have a flair for the dramatic or love a good mystery, this is a great way to add some fun to your destination wedding rehearsal dinner. Try a masquerade dinner or a unique dress code for a great experience and some amazing photos. For a little bit more drama, try a mystery party!  

alternative to rehearsal dinner

Make it a Game

As an alternative to a rehearsal dinner, try making your dinner into a fun game for everyone involved! If a murder mystery party isn’t your style, maybe you want to get your guests up on their feet. Turn your rehearsal dinner into a wedding scavenger hunt, fun for guests of all ages

Plan your rehearsal celebration outdoors, and offer your guests clues that are themed around the newlywed couple! For a fun destination wedding-themed prize at the end, you can offer the winners a spa treatment at the resort or even a day trip with the newlyweds!

Capture Memories

If you are looking for a unique way to preserve your wedding memories, add a photographic spin to your destination wedding rehearsal dinner! It is a pretty common tradition to create a wedding scrapbook or photo album after you have concluded your wedding festivities. A professional wedding photographer is the perfect way to capture your ceremony and snap candids of your guests. You can also give your wedding party the power of the camera!  

As part of your gift bag for your guests, add a disposable camera. Encourage your friends and family to take pictures throughout the night, and collect all of the cameras at the end of the party. Then, after the wedding festivities have concluded, you can enjoy looking through a unique album of photos from your loved ones. 

Change the Location

Instead of a restaurant or a privately catered dinner, try changing up the setting of your destination wedding rehearsal dinner. A new location can create a meaningful new experience for you and your guests. 

Dinner on the Water

For a dramatic alternative to rehearsal dinner on land, why not enjoy a meal on the ocean? Treat your wedding party to a beautiful evening on a sailboat or even a short cruise under the stars. This is one pre-wedding event that will forge beautiful memories and keep your wedding party talking. 


If planning your rehearsal dinner is becoming a struggle, consider booking an experience instead of a dinner. As an alternative to classic rehearsal dinners, set up a wine or cheese tasting for your wedding party. This is a great way to get everyone together for the pre-wedding celebration while also offering a special activity for your guests to share in. Depending on your destination wedding location, there might even be other tasting options, like different meats or local delicacies. Talk to your wedding planner about fun ways to step off the resort property and immerse yourself in your wedding’s destination. 

Parting Thoughts

Planning a rehearsal dinner for your destination wedding can be tough. Luckily, there are plenty of unique experiences and themes at your disposal to make your destination wedding rehearsal dinner unforgettable for everyone involved. 

Plan the perfect destination wedding with your favorite venues, menus, and experiences with Destify. Destify wedding planners are here to help you with every step of your wedding planning journey. Book your dream wedding with Destify today!

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