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A Guide to Destination Wedding Activities for Guests of All Ages

A bride and groom dancing at their wedding reception, showcasing one of the many activities for guests to enjoy.

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When you are planning your destination wedding, there is a lot to get done. In some ways, your guest list and your destination wedding itinerary might go hand in hand. If you are anticipating having kids and families at your wedding, it is important to make sure that you have wedding activities for guests of all ages. 

Especially now, when destination wedding celebrations are becoming days long, you have to make sure that you have fun wedding ideas planned for the occasion. This article will discuss some fun activities for your reception and the rest of your time at your wedding location, including off-resort activities and wedding scavenger hunt ideas. 

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At the Reception

There are a lot of fun wedding activities for guests at your reception. Your wedding reception is a time for celebration and fun, so it is important that there is something for everyone to enjoy. For your adult guests, maybe offer a make-your-own cocktail bar or plan casino games. Make sure that you have fun wedding ideas for your younger guests, too!


There are a lot of different games that you can play at a wedding reception, from Giant Jenga to trivia about the newlyweds. You can have smaller games or puzzles available at the dinner table, and then larger-scale games and activities for people to do after they have finished eating. This way, wedding guests can choose their own adventure. The newly married couple can also participate in whatever games they would like, or they can take time to talk with guests. 

Live Entertainment

You can also hire live entertainment. Live musicians are always exciting to have at a wedding reception. Maybe you can hire an impersonator or a band to perform after the ceremony. Being able to get on your feet and dance is a great way for people of all ages to enjoy themselves. 

There are also different types of entertainment that you could offer at your reception. A magician is always a fun experience that can appeal to families. Hiring a caricature artist or face painter is a fun way for guests to engage with art and have a keepsake to take home. 

Wedding Scavenger Hunt

One option as you consider wedding activities for guests is to plan a wedding scavenger hunt. A scavenger hunt could take place during the reception, or it could encompass the entire destination wedding itinerary. 

One popular way to have a scavenger hunt is to make it photo-based. Give each of your guests a list of things or moments to take a picture of throughout the wedding celebration. You could even supply everyone with a disposable camera! This could be a fun way for wedding guests of all ages to engage with activities and people in a new way. Plus, you get a lot of photos at the end of the day!

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Location-Specific Activities

You will also find fun wedding activities for guests that might take place outside of the boundaries of the resort itself! Part of the fun of your destination wedding itinerary might come from group activities that immerse you in the world around you!


If you are planning to stay at a waterside resort, you might try snorkeling or other underwater activities. At some resorts, guests can swim with dolphins or manta rays, or even have an oceanic kayaking trip! This can be a fun event to have on your wedding itinerary that guests can take advantage of with friends and family.  


If snorkeling is not of interest to you or your guests, perhaps plan a ziplining or jungle tour. If you are thinking of heading to Mexico, Jamaica, or the Bahamas for your destination wedding, it is possible that you will be able to book a ziplining adventure through the front desk. Ziplining is fun for all ages, and you and your guests will be able to enjoy a scenic view of your beautiful wedding location. 

Destination Wedding Locations

When you have a diverse range of ages at your destination wedding, coming up with fun wedding ideas will depend on your wedding location. Family-friendly resorts that offer destination wedding packages and experiences are fully prepared and outfitted to take care of all of your wedding guests, no matter their age. 

Many family-friendly resorts are already built with younger wedding guests in mind. You might consider a package at a resort that has a waterpark, film events, or even kids-only event spaces where they can have fun with other guests of their age. 

When destination weddings are being planned, increasingly, younger family members are being included. Some of our favorite resorts are even changing their amenities to become more family-friendly. You might find a miniature golf course or more kid-friendly options at some resort restaurants. Finding a great destination wedding location that will appeal to all of your guests doesn’t have to be challenging. In fact, you have a lot of great options nowadays!

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A Family Celebration

Coming up with wedding activities for younger guests does not have to be a hassle! At Destify, family is just as important to us as it is to you. If you want to make sure that you have the best destination wedding itinerary that appeals to both your adult and adolescent guests, we are here to help! 

We want to make your destination wedding dreams come true as you have all of your loved ones by your side. If you need help with planning the destination wedding of your dreams, consider chatting with one of our expert wedding planners here at Destify to create an experience that you and all of your guests will never forget. 

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