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Destination Wedding Poses: Photography Tips for the Happy Couple

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When you are planning your destination wedding, there are a lot of things to keep track of. One thing that you cannot forget is your wedding photography. Finding the right photographer and taking amazing photos does not have to be hard. 

You just need to make sure you have a plan from the start to have unique wedding photo poses that will make your wedding albums unforgettable. From the wedding first look to your wedding party photos, here are some tips and tricks for creating the best wedding poses for your special day. 

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Creating Your Shot List

The first step to finding the best wedding poses and photos for your wedding is going to be curating your shot list. Work with your photographer to decide what moments you want to capture. Discuss what kinds of wedding poses might be most interesting to you as a couple, decide on location, time of day for certain photo opportunities, and anything else you might want to capture. You have a lot of options!

Consider asking your photographer to snap pictures of your wedding venue, flowers, seating cards, and the picturesque backdrop. Capture candid moments of the wedding party getting ready or guests arriving. Consider a first-look photo shoot or a post-wedding shoot as well, where it can be just the two of you celebrating your first steps together as a married couple. And don’t forget the wedding reception! Don’t shy away from fun pictures on the dance floor. 

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Couples Photos

From wedding first-look photos to first-dance photos, there is no shortage of great wedding photo poses that you can take as a newlywed couple! It can be exciting and sometimes hard to find the right poses, so here are a few tips to take gorgeous photos as a couple. 

Try to make your poses seem natural. The trick to this is to actually not “try” at all. Don’t force anything with your spouse in front of the camera. Instead, just follow your natural impulses. Enjoy each other’s company and let yourself relax. You might forget the photographer is even there, and that’s okay! In your photos, you are the only two people in the world. 

If you are looking for some more unique wedding photo poses, you might try taking advantage of the weather or the time of day. If it is raining outside, see if the groom can use his suit jacket to cover you. You could also invest in a nice umbrella or two to stay dry as you have fun in the rain. If you take photos at sunset, try draping the veil over yourselves and sharing a beautiful silhouette kiss. 

Wedding First Look Photos

Your first look is a special, intimate moment that should be captured with care. The wedding photo poses that you choose should reflect how special this moment is. Try to keep this moment candid and natural, too. Don’t force anything for the camera, but express your real emotions. You can try and capture the moments leading up to seeing each other as well as the moments after that are full of high emotion. 

If you want to do more unique wedding photo poses, consider a different kind of first look! Instead of making it between the married couple, try doing a first look with different people, too. If the married couple gets ready separately from the rest of their wedding party, you could capture the wedding party’s reactions to your outfits in a fun photo shoot. This could be done all together with both sides of the wedding party, or you could split it up! Think about a few shots of the groom’s party celebrating him before the ceremony. 

You could also do a first-look photoshoot with your parents. These wedding poses will be a special and unique moment that you can capture before you walk down the aisle. Consider photos of yourself with your parents before they give you away. These parent-child moments can also extend to the ceremony. If the groom has a dance with his mother, try capturing that special moment!

Group Photos

Trying to find the perfect wedding poses for your wedding party and guests can be tricky! There may be many people to keep track of, so make sure your photographer can capture everyone’s attention before taking photos. Lighting is essential for group photos, so make sure everyone can be seen and looks great in those larger pictures!

If you are trying to take a more formal picture of the wedding party, try to keep everyone balanced and in a similar stance. But don’t be afraid to have fun with your photos, too! Consider taking a step behind the scenes as your wedding party is getting ready. Take candids of someone helping the bride put on her veil, or of the best man helping the groom fix his tie. 

Your guests are here to have fun and celebrate your love. Focus on relationships, friendships, and celebrations with your photographs!

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Capture Your Destination Wedding with Destify

Finding the right wedding poses for your special day is an important element to focus on, but what about capturing your location? Finding a great destination wedding photographer, and finding the right locations for photoshoots is easier than you might think. 

With Destify, you can find the right resort photographer and the best destination for the wedding of your dreams. Our destination wedding locations and resorts are home to some of the most beautiful photo spots in the world. For the destination wedding you have always wanted, with the most beautiful photos you can imagine, join us at Destify to find the package that’s right for you. 

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