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Why Destination Weddings Provide the Ultimate Wedding Weekender

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Weddings have always been at the epicenter of joyful celebrations. This time-honored tradition of two people embarking on a lifelong journey together continues to evolve as the parties change nature. Enter the Wedding Weekender. Gone are the days when weddings were a whirlwind of events packed into a mere 24 hours. 

In the contemporary era of weddings, couples seek more, more time, and more memories. Destination weddings, with their allure of exotic locales and extended celebrations, have seamlessly filled this desire, emerging as the unbeatable champion of the Wedding Weekender trend. 

The Rise of The Wedding Weekender Trend

The concept of weddings has been ever-evolving, and the recent few years have seen an intriguing shift: the rise of the Wedding Weekender. Destination wedding weekends are the latest in-vogue trend, as young couples opt to maximize the happiest day of their lives. Why not make it the happiest weekend instead? 

No longer confined to a single day’s celebration, modern couples are relishing the allure of turning their wedding into an extended festivity, weaving the ceremony, reception, and various leisure activities into a magical weekend away. The top wedding trends of 2023 are varied, including eco-friendly choices, intimate micro-weddings in offbeat locations, and bridal fashion accessories. 

There's an undeniable charm to all-inclusive destination weddings

Benefits of All-inclusive Destination Weddings

There’s an undeniable charm to all-inclusive destination weddings, allowing couples to blend their big day with a trip away. And, there are a fair share of advantages that come part of the package.


These packages eliminate the stress of coordinating multiple vendors or dealing with unforeseen hiccups. Everything, from the venue to the catering, is taken care of.


Contrary to popular belief, all-inclusive doesn’t necessarily mean expensive. In fact, these packages often provide better value for money as bulk bookings or exclusive tie-ups often translate to discounts.

Comfort, unmatched 

Most all-inclusive destination wedding packages are meticulously curated to offer couples a taste of luxury. Whether it’s gourmet dining, spa sessions, or private beachfront ceremonies, the offerings are designed to make your big day truly memorable.

Making Destination Weddings Affordable

There’s a common misconception that destination weddings burn a hole in the pocket. However, with prudent planning and the right choices, a dream wedding in an exotic locale can be as affordable as a traditional one, if not more. 

Cheap destination weddings are opening the door to dreamy weddings for more and more people. Although you might have to say goodbye to the private resort experience, crafting a memorable weekend wedding on a budget is easier than you might think.

Opting for an all-inclusive destination wedding package alleviates the need for micromanagement, granting couples the freedom to genuinely immerse themselves in their celebration. With a plethora of options available, there’s an all-inclusive wedding package tailored to meet every unique desire and budget constraint, ensuring the couple’s vision is translated into reality without unnecessary hurdles.

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How to Plan A Wedding Weekender

  1. Choose a venue

One of the cornerstones of a successful wedding weekend is the venue. Ideal venues ensure guests are either on-site or in close proximity. Accessibility, convenience, and on-site activities or nearby attractions are paramount. 

  1. Set a budget 

Break down the total spending capacity, allocating specific amounts to individual events while maintaining transparency with guests regarding potential costs they might bear. 

  1. Hire a pro planner 

Enlisting the services of a wedding planner can streamline the process, helping couples savor the moments without being mired in logistics.

  1. Plan a fun-filled itinerary

Events should be spread out so guests can explore, rest, or partake in leisure activities. 

  1. Create a digital hub for the event 

A comprehensive wedding website acts as a one-stop shop for all relevant information, including dress codes, itineraries, accommodation details, local attractions, and suggestions.

  1. Send out your ‘Save the Dates’

With an extended wedding, it’s crucial to send out ´save the dates´ far in advance, providing guests ample time for preparations and reservations.

  1. Capture your precious day

The essence of the Wedding Weekender is the memories, so find creative ways to document the entire weekend, like disposable cameras dotted around.

Want to host your own Wedding Weekender? 

The Wedding Weekender trend promises couples a memorable multi-day celebration, filled with love and laughter. With our all-inclusive destination wedding packages, every detail is curated, turning dreams into vibrant realities. Turn your special day into an unforgettable weekend journey—contact Destify for the perfect Wedding Weekender package.

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