Gazebo Wedding Venues

Gazebo wedding venues offer a timeless framing for your ceremony, with both modern and classical offerings, from stone archways to colonial-inspired structures.

Hawaii Gazebo Wedding Venues

Hawaii wedding venues are expertly manicured and gorgeously appointed, utilizing sweeping views of the Pacific Waters. The most popular wedding venues appear to be garden venues, as weddings are not allowed on the beach. These garden venues often are oceanfront and have unbelievable views.

Caribbean Islands Gazebo Wedding Venues

The many smaller islands of the Caribbean offer stunning wedding venues, and although costs may be higher than with the larger islands, it just may be worth it for the unparalleled views. Expect crystalline sands and unbelievably clear ocean waters, the perfect framing for a destination wedding.

Mexico Gazebo Wedding Venues

Destination weddings in Mexico have a nearly endless amount of wedding venues to explore, with many capitalizing on their surroundings, featuring mountain or jungle backdrops. There are a variety of beautiful beaches to host your wedding on, from golden to white sands.

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