The Hawaiian Island of Molokai offers a most tranquil and serene atmosphere for your destination wedding. Be immersed in the natural beauty of surrounding rainforests and hidden beach coves, or perhaps visit the coral reefs. No buildings on the island stand taller than the palm trees on the beaches, and there is a limited amount of resorts. Molokai is the birthplace of hula, and amongst the authentic culture you might notice there aren’t any actual traffic lights. Although the beaches are exquisite with golden sand and bright blue water, most are not safe for swimming. You can get to this island by connecting in Honolulu or taking a boat ride from Maui.

The small island of Molokai is a perfect location for couples who want truly intimate surroundings. There are few resorts on the island, but the ceremony venues on offer are stunningly unique. Locations include private lagoons and oceanfront terraces, which use the crashing Pacific waves or large green-covered clifftops as scenic backdrops for wedding ceremonies.


Molokai Wedding Packages and Resort Information