Imagine your wedding day has finally arrived! Do you picture yourself beachfront with your toes in the sand and waves crashing behind you? Or do you see yourself walking down the aisle through a lush garden surrounded by tropical flowers? Maybe you imagine breathtaking views of the vast Caribbean Sea from a rooftop. No matter what wedding venue you desire, there are perfect destination wedding venues allowing 20 or more guests ready to make your wedding fantasies come to life.


Beaches will differ depending on the destination you choose. Some will have white powdery sand, while others will have darker volcanic sand. This is a perfect location to hold your ceremony and reception, as it can accommodate groups of all sizes. Keep in mind beaches are public areas, can be affected by weather, and is not an ideal wedding venue type if you plan to wear heels with your wedding dress. This venue usually closes by 10pm or 11pm.


Resorts usually offer gazebos in various locations such as beachfront, in a garden, or on a rooftop. They also vary in style from modern to a more traditional white gazebo. Most offer semi-covered protection. Gazebos tend to book faster than other venues and are best suited for smaller wedding parties.



Gardens will vary depending on the resort you choose but will always add natural beauty to your ceremony. Some are private and more secluded, while others can be in more public areas. Gardens typically have specific times they are available and are best suited for small to medium wedding parties.



Rooftops provide incredible views for both your ceremony and reception and can also offer more privacy compared to other venues. Rooftops tend to be better for small to medium wedding parties, but some can accommodate over 100 guests. These venues are not restricted by quiet hours and usually include additional fees.



Many resorts offer on-site chapels or have access to one nearby. Catholic ceremonies can be held in chapel venues, which come with additional fees. Chapel size will vary depending on the resort. Some can hold only a handful of people, while others can hold up to 150 guests or more.



Ballrooms are private areas that are well suited for couples with large wedding parties. Air conditioning is included, and reception hours can be extended late into the night. In case of inclement weather, ballrooms often function as a back-up venue location.



Unique venues usually come at a premium cost and can only be found at select resorts. These types of venues can range from interesting structures to natural formations and even historical sites and ruins.

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