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It’s the first day of your wedding week as you await your guests’ arrival in the lobby. Filled to the brim with clever, yet practical goodies, your wedding bags are ready to greet your loved ones. What are these goodies, you ask? Aside from the scenic shuttle ride from the airport to the resort, they are introductions to your destination wedding, bridging the gap between the outside world and your special week.

Amidst the excitement of the impending festivities, the presence of these handbags adds an extra layer of elegance and charm. They become conversation starters, sparking tales of fashion finds and savvy shopping adventures. And as guests embark on this journey of love and celebration, they do so with a newfound appreciation for the beauty of second-hand treasures, thanks to The Handbag Clinic and its commitment to luxury with a conscience. Whether it’s a classic Chanel or a trendy Gucci, each bag carries a hint of allure and a whisper of indulgence.

Welcome bags don’t make or break your destination wedding, however, they represent the smallest of gestures that says: I’m so glad you made it. Here’s how you can capture the same message:

What do you put in a destination wedding welcome bag?

Think about where you’re staying. You’re most likely tying the knot in a sun-soaked paradise like UNICO 20°87° or Royalton Negril. With this in mind, gift items that are both unique and not already packed away in your guests’ suitcases. Remember, this doesn’t mean you have to spend an arm and a leg to deliver expensive welcome bags. Here are some classic welcome bag items that are customizable and stylish:

Welcome Bags


Flip Flops

Alcohol Accessories


Deck of Cards

Water Bottles

Want to add some pizzaz to your wedding favors? Use Pinterest for inspiration or sites like Etsy where customization is the name of the game. With homemade favors available with a simple word search, you can have any of the above items transformed with these additions:

Your Wedding Date

The Day You and Your Partner Met

A Favorite Quote

Coordinates of the Resort

What is not a good wedding favor?

While some favors may seem like shoe-ins for your welcome bag, there are a few items that shouldn’t make the cut. As mentioned before, we recommend avoiding gifts that your guests will already have at your wedding. Considering your wedding will take place at a sun-soaked oceanside destination, it makes sense to assume that your attendees will pack the following items:




Beach Balls


Key Chains

Is it rude to not give wedding favors?

Not at all. Do not let anyone tell you differently either. You’re the one hosting a destination wedding, which means you’re most likely paying for their suites and assorted amenities. Giving wedding favors is a wonderful way to show appreciation for your guests being there, but you aren’t required to allocate more of your budget towards welcome bags. Simply put, if you have room in the budget, go for it.

Don’t overthink what to gift and what not to gift. Sometimes even the smallest gestures go a long way, and don’t have to be perfect nor overstuffed. As a wedding guest, there’s nothing more exciting than a welcome bag full of goodies. As the newlywed, sometimes the best part of the weekend is getting to see the smile on your loved ones’ faces when after receiving one. But like all parts of the wedding planning process, have fun with it!

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