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7 Tips for Selecting a Kid-Friendly Destination Wedding Venue

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Weddings are celebrations joined by both family and friends alike. The thing about weddings is that they tend to follow trends and are consistently changing as the years go by. One of the most recent trends on the rise is child-free weddings, despite this, there are still plenty of event venues that cater to the attendance of children. 

When planning your big day, be it a destination wedding, or one closer to you – albeit states apart – you need to consider the children that will be attending. 

By this, we mean that by making suitable spaces for them to be entertained and comfortable can help both the adults and children enjoy the function without any issues occurring.

In this article, we look at seven tips you need to consider when you’re wedding planning.

The kids play at the Tiana and Jessica wedding reception

The Child-friendly Vs Child-free Debate

Children at weddings were initially considered to be a normal and welcomed practice. However, in recent years it has become a popular trend for children or minors to be excluded from weddings, however, this is due to multiple reasons. 

These reasons range from the venue being an unsuitable setting to host children, their behavior can make other guests uncomfortable, and also the general misbehavior that comes with little kids. There is also the consideration that alcohol will be served at the wedding – which is considered inappropriate by some.

It is due to this, that people have become more considerate of the children that will be attending the venue and making efforts to ensure that the little ones enjoy the day as well. Adults need to remember that for children, attending a wedding isn’t always fun, they are dressed up in uncomfortable clothes and will most likely be bored at an event that is not meant to entertain them. There is a lot of anxiety and irritability experienced by the children as well.

Tips for A Child-friendly Wedding

There are multiple factors that you need to look out for when planning a kid-friendly destination wedding abroad. If you are having a destination wedding, especially if it is out of the country, one of the biggest considerations is the venue and its vendors as they will end up playing a big role in how comfortable children will feel at the wedding. These tips highlight key aspects that you need to consider before booking your venue, especially if it is away from your hometown.

Look Up the Policies of the Venue

Some venues have strict restrictions on what is allowed and what isn’t. It would be best to ensure that the venue is suitable for children to attend in multiple ways. 

Some venues restrict children from being on the premises – naturally, there may be many reasons as to why this is in place. Consider that some venues can be construed as dangerous for young children as they may be located on a waterfront or a forest – they may even have a lot of glass structures that can break and harm the children. You also need to check if there is insurance or fees attached to any damage that occurs to the property as well

Some venues allow children but take their safety very seriously by issuing warnings to parents who leave their children unattended to wander around in the vicinity. 

The children of Jasmeka and Sylvester celebrate the renewal ceremony

Consider Multiple Safety Measures

Children are curious and will be prone to wandering and touching things, the venue staff in question needs to ensure that it will be safe within the confines of their premises and not get hurt if under supervision. Ensure that there is a first aid kit onsite, and nearby emergency services if any accidents had to occur. 

Ensure That There is Space for Activities

A play area will help keep them entertained, as weddings go on for an extended period and kids can get cranky in long situations that they are unfamiliar with. 

If the venue has a room, but it is not exactly suitable, you can hire out children’s entertainment, or consider purchasing and carrying along a ground protection mat if you need to take measures to ensure the ground for children to play on comfortably

Consider A Resting Space 

In addition to a play area, some children will have the need to sleep or a power nap. If this happens, ensure that there is a lounge area or room where children can be laid down for a nap instead of guests having to take their kids back to their rooms or to their vehicles to sleep – especially in peak summer. 

Have Kid-friendly Food Options 

Children are picky eaters and almost always opt for food they are comfortable with. Ensure that your invitation’s RSVP accounts for children who will be in attendance, so that you can cater appropriate meals for them. 

The children of Tiana and Jessica same sex Destify destination wedding

Consider Packages and Discounts

Destination weddings often have package plans that are all-inclusive. But keep an eye out for those that have allocations for children. Some may even offer discounts for children under a certain age. 

The provider you are working with could also direct you to nearby locations that have entertainment designed for the whole family that can be utilized outside the ceremony times. 

Privacy for New Moms

If there are new moms in your wedding party, they will most likely need to breastfeed their baby. Setting up a private space for them, will make them feel more comfortable in their attire and at ease when they are taking care of their child. 

Parting Thoughts

When you are planning for your wedding, it is a good idea to consider the children that will be in attendance for your big day. In the event of a destination, there are several factors that you need to look out for to ensure that the little ones will have a great time. 

These factors include it being a safe space for them, they have activities to occupy them and food that will suit their developing palates. This will ensure that they stay in a good mood throughout the event. 

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