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Making a Kid-Friendly Destination Wedding: Activities and Tips

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Destination weddings usually involve the whole family, making kid-friendly arrangements not just a thoughtful gesture but a must-have. This guide dives into everything you need to keep your younger guests occupied and entertained. From creative dining options to engaging reception activities, discover how to make your special day unforgettable for attendees of all ages.

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Why Opt for Kid-Friendly Destination Weddings and How to Keep Them Occupied

Include children in your destination wedding. It’s both courteous and rewarding. The laughter of youngsters playing on the beach and the joyous claps of little hands during your first dance add irreplaceable energy to your celebration. As you plan the itinerary for your destination wedding, consider the appropriate attire for children based on the planned activities. Include these clothing recommendations in a suggested packing list for parents.

A kid-friendly approach strengthens family bonds and sets a positive tone for your new life with future generations. An inclusive wedding doesn’t sacrifice adult fun; quite the opposite. Add additional budget room for kids to keep the little ones engaged and accommodated, letting adults celebrate freely. 

Kid Wedding Activities

Set Up a Kid’s Table

Set up designated kids’ tables during your reception. Cover the tables with craft paper and lay out crayons, puzzles, and small toys. Your young guests will enjoy the option to do something very familiar on a special day.

Lawn Games for All Ages

Lawn games like giant Jenga, Connect Four, and ring toss make for exciting diversions. Large yard games are perfect for all age groups, and even adults can join in, making your event one of those genuinely fun and kid-friendly destination weddings.

Entertaining Kids Before the Ceremony

Whimsical Bubbles

Bubbles are magical to children and adults alike. Handheld bubble machines or individual bottles of bubbles are perfect fun. The bubbles keep kids engaged, freeing the adults to socialize. Photos of children chasing bubbles against a sunset backdrop are priceless. To add a touch of personalization, include custom bubble bottles adorned with the wedding date and couple’s names. It’s a minor detail that adds great fun to your event.

Get Kids On the Dance Floor

Dance floors are not just for adults! Before the wedding ceremony, encourage parents to have their kids expel energy through dancing. Have the band play some popular, child-friendly hits early in the evening, like “Baby Shark” or “The Hokey Pokey.” The children will have a blast and provide another delightful photo opportunity.

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Wedding Reception Activities for Kids 

Set Up a Kids’ Bar

Create a dedicated kids’ bar as a delightful addition to any kid-friendly destination wedding. A whimsical juice bar delights young guests with an array of colorful, flavorful options, from classic apple and orange juices to exotic berry punches. Add an interactive twist with fresh fruit slices for kids to mix into their drinks. 

Juice boxes offer grab-and-go convenience, while reusable cups with lids minimize spills. Fun extras like cocktail umbrellas and silly straws add a festive touch! Give children a sense of autonomy and let them order for themselves. It’s a simple yet impactful way to keep the little ones entertained and hydrated, all while adding a splash of fun to your celebration.

Serve a Kids’ Meal

Children are notoriously picky eaters, so having a separate menu can save parents added stress. Work with your caterer to design a menu that caters to younger palates. Options like mac ‘n’ cheese, chicken nuggets, and mini sliders are generally well-received. 

Include healthy options like fruit skewers or carrot sticks with dressing, balancing nutrition and taste. Add a fun touch by serving the kids’ meals in bento boxes or with fun plates that align with your wedding theme.  

Arts and Crafts Corner

Set up a small arts and crafts area with popular creative activities. Offer wedding-themed craft ideas like decorating mini cakes or DIY paper masks. It’s a wedding reception activity that will keep little hands busy for hours.

Entertainment and Safety: Keeping Kids Happy and Secure 

The Kid-Friendly Movie Tent

Set up a kid-friendly movie tent! Choose a cozy area close to the main event, and deck out a tent with blankets and cushions for a comfy movie-watching atmosphere. Opt for family-friendly films and include a mini “concession stand” with snacks like popcorn and juice boxes. 

A cozy movie area gives children a delightful and relaxed space to unwind, while parents can easily keep an eye on them and enjoy the celebration. With safety precautions like secured cords and optional adult supervision, a movie tent is a versatile and enchanting addition that enriches your kid-friendly destination wedding experience for guests of all ages.

Professional Childcare Services

For parents to fully enjoy the festivities, consider hiring professional babysitting services to monitor children at the venue. The parents can enjoy their time, ensuring their kids are safe and entertained.

Memorable Takeaways and Favors

End your kid-friendly destination wedding on a high note! Along with your grand exit, send your youngest guests home with something unique to make the day unforgettable. Personalized, kid-friendly wedding favors are an excellent solution, adding that final touch of thoughtfulness to your event.

Consider small toys that resonate with the destination theme, like miniature beach balls for a beach wedding or toy compasses for a mountain getaway. Custom stickers featuring the couple’s names and wedding date can be a big hit, especially if they’re in shapes or themes that the kids love. 

Wedding favors serve as a keepsake and provide additional entertainment for the trip home, making both parents and kids happy. Pack them in reusable tote bags or colorful pouches to make the presentation as delightful as the gifts. Offer these fun gifts and extend the joy and magic of your special day, making it memorable for all attendees, regardless of their age.

Newlyweds peter and cassy pose on the beach with their kids at a destination wedding
Newlyweds peter and cassy pose on the beach with their kids at a destination wedding

Creating an Inclusive and Enjoyable Kid-Friendly Destination Wedding

Kid-friendly destination weddings aren’t just a trend; they’re about inclusivity and making everyone part of your big day. From kid wedding activities to carefully chosen lodging, every little detail counts. Go ahead and plan a celebration that’s enjoyable for all age groups—you won’t regret it!

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