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How A Small Destination Wedding Can Be Perfect For You

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Why do we love destination weddings? Simply put, they combine gorgeous settings with romantic, intimate moments. So what about a 

small destination wedding? What makes them unique? 

That’s just what we’d like to discuss today! Destination weddings may be bigger than ever, but we’re here to show you how a small destination wedding can be perfect for you!

The Benefits of a Small Destination Wedding

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A small destination wedding allows you to spend quality time with your closest friends and family. With a smaller guest list, you can create a more intimate and personal atmosphere that encourages your guests to connect and make lasting memories.


A small destination wedding can be more affordable than a larger one. You can save on venue rentals, catering, and other expenses with fewer guests. You can also negotiate better deals with vendors willing to work with you on a smaller scale.

Stress-free Planning

Planning a small destination wedding can be less stressful than planning a larger wedding. With fewer guests, you can simplify the planning process and focus on the details that matter most to you. You can also delegate more tasks to your wedding planner or other trusted professionals who can help you navigate the logistical challenges of planning a wedding in a new location.

Unique Experience

A small destination wedding can be a unique and memorable experience for you and your guests. You can choose a location with special meaning or explore a new destination together. By immersing yourself and your guests in a new environment, you can create a sense of adventure and excitement that will make your wedding day even more special.


A smaller guest list gives you more flexibility regarding location and venue. You can choose a more intimate setting that might not be able to accommodate a larger crowd. This can allow you to get creative with your wedding decor, photography, and other details and create a more personalized and meaningful experience for you and your guests.

How To Plan a Small Destination Wedding

Choose the Right Location 

The location you choose for your small destination wedding is vital. Think about the type of wedding you want to have and what place would best reflect that. Do you want a beach wedding? A mountain getaway? A destination that’s known for its vineyards and wineries? Once you determine what type of wedding you want, look for locations that fit the bill. 

Narrow Down Your Guest List

The beauty of a small destination wedding is that you can be selective with your guest list. Instead of inviting every acquaintance and distant relative, you can focus on the most important people to you. Think about who you have to have at your wedding and start there. 

Consider a Package Deal 

Many resorts and venues offer destination wedding packages, including everything from the ceremony and reception to accommodations and meals. These packages can be a great way to save money while simplifying the planning process. 

Plan for Extra Time

When planning a small destination wedding, you may have extra time to relax and enjoy your surroundings. Take advantage of this time and plan activities with your guests. Whether it’s a group hike, a beach day, or a wine tasting, these activities can help create unforgettable memories for everyone involved. 

Don’t Forget the Logistics

Of course, planning a small destination wedding also comes with its own set of logistics. You’ll need to research marriage requirements in your chosen destination, arrange travel and accommodations for you and your guests, and coordinate your wedding day’s details. Consider hiring a wedding planner to help with the process.

Best Resorts for a Small Destination Wedding

Grand Palladium White Sand

  • Aerial photo of Grand Palladium White Sand Resort & Spa Playa del Carmen, Q.R., Mexico

    Riviera Maya Weddings

    Grand Palladium White Sand

    Nestled between two zones of tropical paradise, this luxury resort sits offers access to both Tulum and Playa del Carmen. Traditional Mayan décor and architectural accents imbue the resort with a distinctive local flair, while the white sand beaches of its namesake seem to glow and radiate relaxation.
    Grand Palladium White Sand: Read more
    • venue iconVenues: 8
    • family-friendly iconFamily Friendly
    • car icon90 Minutes
    Package Costs: Included – $13,000

Grand Palladium White Sand Resort is an excellent choice for a small destination wedding.

Firstly, the resort offers a beautiful and picturesque setting, with lush tropical gardens, turquoise waters, and white sandy beaches, providing a stunning backdrop for your special day. The resort also offers several locations for the wedding ceremony, such as the beachfront, gardens, and pavilions, giving you plenty of options.

Secondly, the resort has a team of experienced wedding planners who will work with you to ensure your wedding day is unforgettable. They can help with everything from choosing the perfect location to arranging the decor, music, flowers, and catering, ensuring that every detail is taken care of so you can relax and enjoy your special day.

Thirdly, Grand Palladium White Sand Resort offers a range of accommodation options, from suites to villas, making it easy to accommodate your guests. The resort also provides a range of amenities and activities, such as swimming pools, sports facilities, and entertainment, ensuring that your guests have a memorable and enjoyable stay.

Lastly, the resort is located in the heart of the Riviera Maya. It offers easy access to a range of cultural and natural attractions, such as ancient Mayan ruins, cenotes, and natural parks, making it an excellent choice for a destination wedding that offers relaxation and adventure.

Hideaway at Royalton Negril

Hideaway at Royalton Negril is an excellent destination for a small wedding for several reasons. Firstly, the resort’s location on the stunning Seven Mile Beach provides a picturesque backdrop for a romantic and intimate ceremony. The beachfront gazebo and the resort’s manicured gardens offer gorgeous settings for exchanging vows and taking memorable photos.

The resort also offers a range of packages catering to small weddings, which can be customized to fit the couple’s specific needs and preferences. The wedding packages include services such as a personal wedding planner, on-site coordinator, officiant, decoration, and wedding cake. The wedding packages also have private reception and dinner options, which can be held at one of the resort’s elegant restaurants or on the beach.

Additionally, the resort offers a range of activities and amenities for guests to enjoy before and after the wedding ceremony, including spa treatments, water sports, and access to multiple pools and bars. The resort’s all-inclusive package provides guests unlimited food and drinks, making it easy for them to relax and enjoy the festivities without any worries.

Wyndham Alltra Cancun

  • DFresort-wyndhamcancunpool-product

    Cancun Weddings

    Wyndham Alltra Cancun

    Let the fun begin at this beachside family-friendly resort — featuring  a wide range of non-stop activities, as well as picturesque wedding venues that highlight the surrounding natural beauty.
    Wyndham Alltra Cancun: Read more
    • venue iconVenues: 6
    • family-friendly iconFamily Friendly
    • car icon22 Minutes
    Package Costs: $1,024$18,190

The resort offers a beautiful, intimate setting perfect for small wedding parties. The property has a private beachfront, where couples can exchange their vows with a stunning ocean backdrop. The resort’s wedding coordinators can help couples personalize their ceremony and reception to create an unforgettable experience.

Wyndham Alltra Cancun offers luxurious accommodations perfect for couples and their guests. The resort has 307 guest rooms and suites, including oceanfront rooms, swim-up suites, and private villas. Each room has modern amenities to ensure guests have a comfortable stay.

The resort has several dining options that cater to different tastes and preferences. Couples can choose to have a private beach dinner or a more formal reception in one of the resort’s restaurants. The resort’s chefs can also create custom menus for specific dietary requirements.

The resort offers several activities for couples and their guests, including water sports, beach volleyball, and yoga classes. The resort also has a spa where guests can enjoy relaxing treatments and massages.

Wyndham Alltra Cancun offers several wedding packages that cater to different budgets and preferences. The resort’s wedding coordinators can help couples choose the package that best suits their needs and ensure that every detail of their special day is handled.

Breathless Montego Bay

Breathless Montego Bay is a luxurious resort in Jamaica that can be an excellent choice for a small destination wedding. Here are some factors that make Breathless Montego Bay great for a small destination wedding:

Breathless Montego Bay is on a beautiful beachfront, providing a picturesque backdrop for your wedding ceremony and reception. The resort is surrounded by lush greenery and stunning mountains, adding to the scenic beauty.

Breathless Montego Bay offers all-inclusive wedding packages that cover all the essentials, including the ceremony, reception, decorations, and catering. These packages can make planning your wedding stress-free and straightforward.

Breathless Montego Bay allows you to customize your wedding package to suit your needs and preferences. You can work with the resort’s wedding planners to create a personalized wedding experience that reflects your style and vision.

Breathless Montego Bay offers you and your guests’ luxurious accommodation, making it a comfortable and convenient place to stay during your wedding celebrations. The resort has a range of room types to suit different budgets and preferences, ensuring that all your guests have a comfortable stay.

The resort has a team of professional wedding planners who can assist you in every aspect of your wedding planning. From arranging the decorations to coordinating with vendors, wedding planners can help you create a seamless and memorable wedding experience.

Breathless Montego Bay offers you and your guests a range of activities and entertainment options. From water sports to live music, the resort has something for everyone, making it an excellent choice for a destination wedding that doubles as a vacation.

A small destination wedding can be an excellent way to celebrate your marriage with the people you love most. With careful planning and flexibility, you can create a day that you and your guests will cherish forever.

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