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Post-Wedding Reflections: How to Document Your Newlywed Experience

A group of people is smiling and laughing at an outdoor wedding ceremony. The bride and groom, holding bouquets, beam with joy as a man in a suit speaks from a piece of paper. It's moments like these you'll cherish forever—learn How to Document Your Newlywed Experience to relive this magic.


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When it comes to documenting newlywed life, there are plenty of different ways to preserve your memories. From honeymoon diaries to love letters, here are some of the best ways to document your experience together as a newly married couple. 

Know What To Do After Getting Married

To make the process of documenting your newlywed life together a lot easier, it is important to make sure that all of the other important details are in order. This includes things like marriage licensing, thank-you notes, and any other final details that you will need to take care of. 

One of the best ways to make this process easier is to hire a wedding planner to help you. Wedding planners can help you with more than just perfecting your dinner menu or decorating your venue. They will be on your side through every step of the process of your wedding and honeymoon planning. With the right wedding planner, you can get everything in order easily, so you can skip straight to the celebration.  

Write Honeymoon Diaries

One of the first experiences you will have together as a newlywed couple is your honeymoon. Whether you are exploring ancient ruins or spending time on Caribbean beaches, your honeymoon will undoubtedly be an unforgettable experience. Here are some fun and special ways that you can document your first adventure as a newly married couple: 

Create A Blog

One creative way to document your honeymoon is to create a blog. Add all of your photos and chronicle your adventures on an online platform. This way, you have your memories saved forever on a website; you won’t even have to worry about accidentally deleting a file on your desktop. 

If you created a wedding website, you can even attach a blog directly to that. All of your friends and family who have access to your website can then watch all of your incredible adventures in real-time. This is a great way to document your wedding not only for yourself, but all of your loved ones. 

Send Yourselves Postcards

Another special way that you can keep your honeymoon documented for the years to come is by sending yourselves postcards. Everywhere you go, pick up a postcard to remember something you did that day. Then, write a small letter to your future selves, and ship them home!

When you get home from your trip, you will have a stack of memories that capture the joy and excitement of your honeymoon as it happened in real-time. These make for perfect keepsakes that you can save for years to come, or even place into a scrapbook. 

Keep A Journal

Another great way that you can commemorate your honeymoon is by keeping a physical journal. Either write in one together, or spend time each writing in your own journals to have the personal and individual experiences of each person written down. 

You can even hold onto small mementos of your trip within the pages: press a flower into the journal, keep a napkin from a special dinner, or even a couple of ticket stubs from a tour or event you went to see. 

Keep The Newly Married Spark Fresh

When you ask yourselves what to do after getting married, don’t forget about keeping romance as a part of your new life together. Newlywed life can feel like a whirlwind, with so many things to get in order as you take a new step in your journey. This is part of why it is so important to keep the spark alive in your new marriage. 

Here are some ways that you can document the joys of your new married life: 

Write Love Letters

For a classic bit of romance, write love letters to one another. These notes do not have to be long and elaborate, nor do they have to be planned. Instead, just use a love letter as a way of emphasizing how much you appreciate and care about your partner. 

If you use a nice piece of stationery to write your love letters to each other, you can even hold onto them as keepsakes or put them into a scrapbook. 

Create A Scrapbook

Document your newly married life with a scrapbook! Love letters are only the beginning of what you can include in a special album. For all of your trips and adventures together, include a snippet of your life. These can take the form of photos, keepsakes and small mementos, and even drawings that the two of you make for each other. 

A scrapbook is one way of keeping honeymoon diaries, but don’t forget that you can use a scrapbook to commemorate any events, not just your biggest trips. 

Take Lots Of Photos

Not only can you add photos to a scrapbook, but they can serve as a special reminder of the love that the two of you share. Whenever the moment strikes you, snap a picture of the time you spend together. In the years to come, these pictures will be the memories of your early life together as a married couple. 

Let Your Love Thrive

Knowing exactly what to do after getting married can sometimes be a difficult task. However, it never truly has to be. What is most important is remembering why you chose to get married in the first place, and continue to let your love grow and thrive with each other. 

Whether you are writing honeymoon diaries for your perfect trip, or planning to document your newlywed adventures with a wedding blog, Destify can help. We are here to create meaningful memories every step of the way on your marriage journey. From helping you plan the perfect destination wedding to setting up a wedding website, we are here for you. 

Partner with us at Destify to begin your married life perfectly. 

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