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Jonathan Bennett and Jaymes Vaughan’s Destination Wedding in Paradise

Jonathan Bennett and Jaymes Vaughan, two men in tuxedos, standing on the beach.

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Jonathan Bennett and Jaymes Vaughan’s wedding was a celebration of love, highlighting the power of unity and inclusivity. Set against the stunning backdrop of Unico Riviera Maya, their wedding was a harmonious blend of glamor, emotion, and scenic beauty. This celebrity couple’s journey to the altar captured hearts worldwide, symbolizing a modern fairytale romance. 


As we step into their unforgettable wedding in paradise, we explore the exquisite details of their special day and the significance it holds for LGBTQ+ couples dreaming of their own perfect wedding. Who is Jonathan Bennett’s husband, what made this wedding a unique milestone, and how did Unico Riviera Maya provide the perfect canvas for their love story?

The Venue: Unico Riviera Maya

When it came to choosing a venue for Jonathan Bennett’s wedding, they sought a location that resonated with their sense of style and values. Unico Riviera Maya emerged as the perfect choice, offering an enchanting blend of luxury, natural beauty, and a warm, welcoming atmosphere for LGBTQ+ couples. 

Nestled along the stunning Mexican coastline, Unico Riviera Maya is known for its breathtaking views, exquisite architecture, and an ethos of inclusivity.

This resort stands out for its scenic beauty and its commitment to providing a safe and celebratory environment for all couples. From its pristine beaches to its lush tropical gardens, every corner of Unico Riviera Maya exudes romance and elegance, making it an idyllic setting for a wedding that blends traditional charm with contemporary sophistication. 

The Wedding Celebrations

Jonathan Bennett and Jaymes Vaughan’s wedding day at Unico Riviera Maya was a true reflection of their personalities and love story. The couple’s vision for their special day brought together elements of grandeur and intimacy, creating a celebration that was truly spectacular.

The ceremony, officiated by their close friend and YouTuber Brian Tyler Cohen, was set against the resort’s picturesque backdrop, striking the perfect balance between natural beauty and elegant design. The grooms, donning classic black tuxedos from Express, exchanged vows amidst an intimate gathering of family and friends.

Following the heartfelt vows, the newlyweds and their guests transitioned to a stunning outdoor reception. The space, adorned with tasteful decor and ambient lighting, encapsulated the romantic essence of the evening. Guests were treated to a lavish spread of Mexican cuisine, celebrating the rich culinary heritage of the destination.

The highlight of the evening was the vibrant firework display, set to the soundtrack of “The Greatest Showman,” fulfilling one of Bennett’s wedding dreams. The celebration continued into the night, with dancing and laughter under the starlit sky, marking the beginning of Bennett and Vaughan’s journey as a married couple.

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The Symbolism Behind Their Union

Jonathan Bennett and Jaymes Vaughan’s wedding was a powerful statement for the LGBTQ+ community. Their decision to host their wedding at Unico Riviera Maya was deeply symbolic, stemming from their commitment to choosing a venue that openly welcomed and celebrated their union.

Initially, they chose a location where they faced discrimination due to being a same-sex couple. This experience, while disheartening, only strengthened their resolve to find a place that aligned with their values and beliefs. Their choice of Unico Riviera Maya, a resort known for its inclusive and welcoming stance, was a deliberate and meaningful decision.

Selecting Unico Riviera Maya shows the world that love knows no bounds and that every couple deserves a wedding day filled with joy, acceptance, and celebration. Their wedding showcased the importance of choosing venues and partners that respect and honor all love stories, paving the way for future couples to celebrate their weddings in environments that embrace diversity and promote equality.

Celebrating Love

Jonathan Bennett and Jaymes Vaughan’s destination wedding at Unico Riviera Maya exemplified the beauty of finding a venue that not only offers an idyllic setting but also wholeheartedly embraces and honors love in all its forms.

As we reflect on this remarkable event, we are reminded of the power of love to transcend boundaries and the importance of inclusivity in every step of life’s journey.

Are you inspired to plan your dream gay or LGBTQIA+ wedding in a setting as enchanting as Unico Riviera Maya? Contact Destify today to embark on your own journey toward a celebration that mirrors the beauty of your love story. Let us help you turn your wedding dreams into reality in a place where every love story is celebrated and cherished.

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