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Introducing the TravelZap blog, our sister travel blog specializing in helpful travel advice for large groups. Have you stumbled on this blog but are looking for a vacation rather than a destination wedding? Have you already had a destination wedding and are now considering your next all-inclusive getaway? Look no further than the TravelZap blog, your new go-to source for group leisure insights.

Group travel is its own special sector of travel, and arranging vacations for large groups can be daunting. With TravelZap, it’s easy. You’ll have a dedicated travel specialist to help you every step of the way; from finding your ideal resort and destination to booking all of your guests’ travel and rooming accommodations.


By booking your large group with TravelZap, you may even qualify for unique group perks, like free room upgrades, private events, cocktail hours, complimentary nights, and much more. The TravelZap blog is designed to offer insights into the world of group travel. You could be planning a family reunion, a corporate retreat, or even a wellness and yoga trip.

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