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Costa Rica Destination Weddings: Everything You Need to Know

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Planning a destination wedding in Costa Rica is an excellent choice for couples who want to exchange vows surrounded by stunning landscapes, lush rainforests, and pristine beaches. This comprehensive guide provides all the necessary information to plan your dream wedding in a tropical paradise. From selecting the perfect venue to considering the local weather, finding the best attractions, and planning your itinerary, this guide covers everything you need to make your wedding day unforgettable. Whether you’re looking for breathtaking views, luxurious accommodations, or unique cultural experiences, this guide will help you create the wedding of your dreams in a tropical paradise.

Arenal Volcano is an active andesitic stratovolcano in north-western Costa Rica around 90 km northwest of San José, in the province of Alajuela, canton of San Carlos, and district of La Fortuna. The Arenal volcano measures at least 1,633 metres high. It is conically shaped with a crater 140 metres in diameter.

Overview of Costa Rica

Costa Rica is a breathtaking travel destination that has been rapidly gaining popularity among tourists. The country has recently been named Travel + Leisure’s 2024 Travel Destination of the Year, a testament to its unique experience. Costa Rica is known for its stunning beaches, some of the most pristine in the world, and its tropical climate, perfect for adventure seekers and beachgoers alike. In addition to its beautiful scenery, Costa Rica is also famous for its excellent surfing and diverse ecosystem and wildlife, including everything from exotic birds to playful monkeys. 

What’s more, Costa Rica is recognized as one of the world’s five Blue Zones, an accolade it earned for its inhabitants’ longevity and healthy lifestyle. All in all, Costa Rica is an ideal travel destination for anyone seeking adventure, relaxation, and a true connection with nature.

Choosing the Perfect Venue

If you’re planning a destination wedding in Costa Rica, you’ll have plenty of beautiful venues to choose from. In Guanacaste, you can opt for luxurious resorts like Dreams Las Mareas, where you can have a beachfront ceremony and enjoy the elegant reception venues. For a more exclusive experience, you can explore the options in Papagayo. Some popular choices include the Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo and Secrets Papagayo. These venues offer breathtaking ocean views and world-class amenities to make your special day unforgettable.

Weather Considerations

Costa Rica’s diverse climate changes depending on the season and region. The country experiences two main seasons: dry season (December to April) and green season (May to November). During the dry season, the weather is sunny with minimal rainfall. On the other hand, the green season offers lush landscapes and occasional showers. Couples who are planning their wedding during the green season can take advantage of lower rates and fewer crowds but should also be prepared for potential rain showers.

An aerial view of a resort near the ocean.

Planning Your Itinerary

Planning a wedding can be exciting and overwhelming, especially when deciding on the itinerary. However, it is essential to consider your personal preferences and the kind of experience you want to create for yourself and your guests. Costa Rica is the perfect destination for your wedding guests, whether they are looking for relaxation or adventure. Costa Rica, as a wedding destination, offers many activities and attractions for you and your guests to enjoy during your stay. 

You can choose to have your wedding ceremony on the beach, surrounded by lush tropical vegetation, or in the middle of a dense rainforest, where the sound of exotic birds will be your background music. Costa Rica’s warm and welcoming culture, delicious cuisine, and breathtaking scenery are sure to make your wedding an unforgettable experience for you and your guests.

Things to Do and See

Costa Rica is well-known for its rich biodiversity. You can experience it yourself by visiting national parks such as Manuel Antonio and Arenal Volcano. These parks offer hiking trails through lush rainforests, opportunities to spot exotic wildlife and relaxing natural hot springs. For adventure seekers, there are activities like zip-lining, surfing, and white-water rafting that provide unforgettable experiences in this tropical paradise.

You may also plan exciting excursions to iconic landmarks like the Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve or the majestic Rio Celeste waterfall. For a more relaxed experience, you could spend leisurely days lounging on pristine beaches and indulging in local cuisine. There are plenty of things to do in Costa Rica, including eco-tours, wildlife encounters, cultural experiences, and sunset cruises. With endless possibilities, you can create cherished memories in this picturesque country.


A destination wedding in Costa Rica presents a wonderful opportunity for couples to celebrate their love amidst this tropical paradise’s stunning natural beauty and adventure. With plenty of luxurious resorts, breathtaking venues, and a wide range of exciting activities to indulge in, Costa Rica offers the perfect backdrop for an unforgettable wedding experience.

The coast of Guanacaste, Costa Rica, and its natural beauty for international destination weddings

Frequently Asked Questions

1. What is the best time of year to have a destination wedding in Costa Rica?

The best time for weddings in Costa Rica is during the dry season, which lasts from December to April. During this period, the weather is sunny and there is minimal rainfall making it perfect for couples planning their wedding. However, for those looking to take advantage of lower rates and fewer crowds, the green season (May to November) is an ideal time to plan their wedding. Although there may be occasional showers, the landscapes are lush and beautiful.

2. What types of activities can wedding guests enjoy in Costa Rica?

Costa Rica has a lot to offer to wedding guests in terms of activities. They can go hiking in national parks, go zip-lining through rainforests, surf on pristine beaches, and explore cultural landmarks. From eco-tours and wildlife encounters to relaxation and adventure, there’s something for everyone in Costa Rica.

Costa Rica is a popular destination for weddings. Some luxurious resorts that couples prefer include Dreams Las Mareas in Guanacaste, Four Seasons Resort Costa Rica at Peninsula Papagayo, and Secrets Papagayo in Papagayo. These resorts offer breathtaking ocean views, elegant ceremony locations, and top-notch amenities for couples and their guests.

4. How far in advance should I plan my Costa Rica destination wedding?

Planning your Costa Rica destination wedding requires ample time for coordination and securing your preferred venue, accommodations, and vendors. It is recommended to start the planning process at least 12 to 18 months in advance. This will ensure a seamless and memorable wedding experience in paradise. Destify can help simplify your planning process and make sure your dream Costa Rica wedding comes true!

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