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Wedding Frequently Asked Questions

Who do I contact – Destify or the resort?

Destify will be your primary contact for general questions for both you and your
guests. This includes everything pertaining to any reservations made through
Destify, such as the hotel room, transfers, and/or flights.

The resort’s wedding department will be your main contact for the wedding
portion of your package. They will be your primary contact for any adjustments to the wedding package, ceremony, related events, itinerary, and decor.

Where do I go to view RSVPs and my guest list?

Please access your Destify Dashboard at Under the
Wedding Management section, you will be able to view the list of RSVPs as well as your Guest List, which consists of bookings made through Destify.

Where do I make payments toward the wedding package?

The resort’s wedding department will provide you with separate instructions as to how to make payments toward the wedding portion of your package. Please
contact them directly.

Payments toward your room reservation (including transfers and/or flights
booked through Destify) can be made via your Dashboard at

When will someone contact me to begin planning my wedding?

Your wedding manager typically is assigned by the resort approximately 6
months prior to the event. They will be your go-to contact for any general
questions regarding your wedding package, venues, decor, and more. They will
also provide you with sample brochures from which to select so that you can start planning, as well.

Then, your wedding coordinator is assigned approximately 2-3 months prior to
your wedding. This is when the bulk of the planning takes place as your wedding coordinator will help you finalize your selections.

We have also included below a sample timeline to help you prepare: 

4-5 Months Out  

  • Finalize your guest list and room requirements.  
  • If they haven’t already, it is recommended that guests to book their room and/or make any modifications as needed.  
  • Start thinking about your wedding vision (color scheme, theme, etc.), as your coordinator will ask for this in the coming months.  
  • Review any brochures provided by the resort for inspiration as to flowers, cake, decor, etc. 

2-3 Months Out  

  • Your on-site wedding coordinator will contact you to start planning your wedding details.  
  • If you have one, send your vision board to your resort wedding planner.  
  • Confirm the itinerary and any related events (welcome party, rehearsal dinner, reception, day-after brunch, etc.)  Select your final décor and flowers.  
  • Choose your cake flavor and design, along with menu options for all events.  
  • Make your ceremony playlist, book a live musician, and/or complete your music list for the DJ.  For legal ceremonies, be sure to send any completed paperwork to your on-site wedding coordinator.

Why does the planning process begin so close to the ceremony?

Please keep in mind that your coordinator specializes in weddings, so 2-3 months prior to your date is very typical for them! They have everything you need to select from at their disposal, and they will ensure that you have the most current options available.

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