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Tissanie and Tyrone’s Wedding at Majestic Elegance Punta Cana

Saturday December 2, 2017

The Couple

Tissanie and Tyrone met through their mutual friend, Terrell, and started their romance as a long distance relationship that lasted 2 and a half years. She lived in Nashville and he lived in Arkansas. They would commute to see each other, meeting halfway in Memphis, Tennessee. He proposed to her in 2016 on a beautiful trip to Puerto Rico. Tissanie always knew she wanted a destination wedding and said, “I’ve been wanting my wedding on the beach since I was 13.” Originally Tyrone wanted a traditional church wedding but after their trip to Puerto Rico, they knew their ceremony belonged on the beach.

The Planning

She began planning their wedding about a year out, and after contacting numerous companies they landed on Destify and their agent Steve. He shared several properties within their budget, along with several reviews and pictures of each property. The couple fell in love with the Majestic Elegance in Punta Cana. They chose the Dominican Republic because it was a place they had never been to and always wanted to explore.

After being put into contact with the wedding department, it was smooth sailing. Tissanie said the process was easy and the coordinator never took more than 2 days to respond. Even though they chose Majestic’s basic package she was still happy with the number of options she had to choose from, including different decor and cakes.

The Wedding

The couple arrived 2 days before the wedding and met their on-site coordinator Katherine. They were originally nervous beforehand, but the couple said she ended up being wonderful to work with and very accommodating. She informed them about the entire ceremony staging and walked them through the traditional procession. Katherine even double checked on the couple’s flowers, and thoughtfully dipped them in the official colors of the wedding; lavender and mint.

The resort went above and beyond, delivering them breakfast the day of the wedding and placing a congratulations banner in their room for after the ceremony. Tissanie said she felt super glamorous, beachgoers took photos and everyone on-site commented on how beautiful she was. Tyrone and their guests arrived and they had a splendid ceremony. On the last day, before their guests left, they went on a dolphin excursion as a way of giving thanks to everyone.

Looking Back

The couple loved how impeccable the service was, without having to pay anything extra. They held a semi-private dinner reception and thought the food and cake were perfect. The party of 35 had plenty of space to celebrate at the on-site restaurant. The entire process was stress-free. Tissanie’s advice to future brides is to stay calm and enjoy your day!

The coordinators are professionals and they do this every day. You’re getting married in paradise and nothing can ruin that.

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Majestic Elegance Punta Cana ideal for destination weddings, with thatched umbrellas, palm trees, sun loungers by a pool, and a view of the ocean.
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Tissanie and Tyrone Wedding

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