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Sejla and Ibro’s Wedding at Dreams Onyx

Saturday April 27, 2019

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The Couple

Sejla and Ibro met through a great friend of Sejla. Ibro is a private person, and he proposed on a family trip to Mexico in 2017. While the couple were on a walk around the resort grounds, away from their family, he asked the big question. Sejla wasn’t expecting it and she said, “The next thing I knew I turned around and he was on one knee.”

The Planning

The couple wanted a destination wedding but had a horrible experience at first, while working with a different agency. A friend recommended Destify, and together with their agent Candyce they experienced a much better process. Sejla said, “She was very patient, kind, and willing to help us in any way she could.” The guests had a great experience too, and the couple chose the Dreams Onyx resort in Punta Cana based on Candyce’s recommendation. Working with the wedding department was difficult at times, as it typically took 3 days for their wedding department to respond to emails. The couple agreed while planning you may want a response immediately which can’t always happen, but the wedding coordinator left them assured she would be there for them, and that she wanted to make this the best day of their lives too.

The Wedding

The couple stayed for 10 days combining a honeymoon into their destination wedding, and many of their other guests stayed for 7 days. The night before their wedding they held a big dinner for all of their guests. The wedding party was made up of over 60 guests, and Sejla loved how well everyone got along together. The couple held their ceremony on NOW Onyx’s expansive beach at 1pm. The wedding package originally included 5 hours from start to finish but the couple paid for extra hours and everyone partied until after 11pm! It was a long day, but many of the guests informed the couple it was the best wedding they had ever been too, and that they weren’t ready for the night to end. Sejla said, “We are from Bosnia so in our culture that party time is very important. It was the best decision we ever could have made.” The extra time allowed for time to enjoy every moment, unrushed. The couple also held an excursion for a celebratory event, which took the couple and many of their guests to Sanoma Island, where they got to have lunch, snorkel, and swim in a natural pool.

Looking Back

The couples main source of advice is to enjoy every moment because looking back everything goes by so quickly. Don’t stress too much about the planning process, because everything will work out. By the end of their wedding, it truly felt like everyone were friends and knew each other well.

Don’t stress so much, everything falls into place at the end.

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Sejla and Ibro Wedding

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