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Mandy and Nick’s Wedding at Royalton Blue Waters

Sunday March 17, 2019

The Couple

Mandy and Nick met at a bar in Long Island, at a local place where they both hung out at often. Hiking is one of their favorite things to do as a couple, and they love taking their husky Hank with them. On one special hike along one of their favorite trails in Stony Brook, she stopped to give their dog water and turned around to find Nick on one knee proposing to her. They decided on a destination wedding for numerous reasons, a wedding in Long Island would have been way too expensive, and they loved the idea of getting away with their family.

The Planning

Once planning, the couple found that their families loved the idea of a wedding and vacation combined. They began booking 3 weeks after they got engaged, and with their Destify agent Steve, they chose the Royalton Blue Waters resort in Montego Bay, Jamaica. Mandy said, “Steve was great, he always responded within half an hour.” With the Royalton wedding department, they were able to select the complimentary wedding package, which they then added many extra features onto, like additional decor and a reception.

The Wedding

Once on-site the wedding department went above and beyond expectations. Unfortunately, their child became ill once they arrived, and had to be taken to the hospital. This caused them to miss their welcome party and they stayed at the hospital the night before their wedding. But when they got back to the resort on the day of their wedding the staff all personally checked in on them to make sure everything was okay. Mandy said, “It may sound funny but that was one of my fondest memories, the morning of my wedding because they made sure we were taken care of and they were so accommodating.” On the day of their ceremony, the bridesmaids and Mandy’s mom met her at the spa to get ready. They then brought champagne to the room while they finished getting ready. The resort closed off the beach for their sunset ceremony at 4:30, and a cocktail hour followed after, which included a steel drum band and a bartender. The wedding festivities concluded with a private reception on a marked off area of the beach and featured delicious food and a DJ. Once the reception was over the couple returned to their beautiful suite, which included decor and a beautiful bath drawn with rose petals, along with champagne at the ready.

Looking Back

Mandy’s advice for future couples is to speak to your resort on the phone more, instead of just by email. You’ll get better results, and may receive better service that way.

We got married at sunset, and the beach was gorgeous. After our room was decorated and it was beautiful.

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Aerial view of Royalton Blue Waters, a modern beachfront resort, perfect for destination weddings, with multiple swimming pools, loungers, and a lush green landscape in the background.

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Gorgeous gorgeous wedding couples tie the knot at one of Royalton Blue Waters’ three glorious gazebos. Our Destify tip? Reserve the private man-made island for a truly private and secluded wedding ceremony.
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Mandy and Nick Wedding

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