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Leslie and Andre’s Wedding at Dreams Punta Cana

Friday July 5, 2019

The Couple

Leslie and Andre had met through several social events and family functions, but they didn’t start actually dating until during a trip to Carnivale in Trinidad. Andre proposed on mother’s day, during a special celebration for their Aunt. The couple was expecting and he proposed after dinner when all of her family was gathered together. Leslie said, “He knew it was really important for my family to be there”.

The Planning

The couple wanted a destination wedding as it would also act as a family reunion, and many of their friends were spread out across the country. With their Destify agent, Amanda Witte, they selected the Dreams Punta Cana resort in the Dominican Republic. Leslie said, “She kept us on track for meeting our milestones while planning”.

The wedding department was hands-on in providing all the necessary safety and travel information that consoled the couple while the country was in the news. In fact, a colleague of Leslie’s had just returned from a wedding at the same resort and raved about it. Once on-site everyone was so helpful, and many members of the staff remembered the couple by their first names, and made them feel safe and welcomed the entire time they were at their resort.

The Wedding

The couple stayed at the resort for 6 days, and their wedding was scheduled for that Friday. Leslie and Andre spent plenty of time relaxing with their baby, while many of their wedding guests chose to explore the area and take part in excursions. The couple hosted a bridal dinner party, which also served as a birthday celebration for one of their guests, before the wedding.

Andre had a separate room provided by the resort so he wouldn’t see Leslie until the ceremony. Together with her bridesmaids, the women dressed and got their hair and make-up done in the couples’ suite. They held their wedding ceremony at 6 pm at the beautiful wedding gazebo, and a violinist played music as Leslie walked down the aisle. One of her favorite moments was the sand ceremony which followed, where the couple poured two grains of sand together, uniting both sides of their families.

The couple took photos afterward at the grand staircase with their bridal party, while the rest of their guests went to a cocktail hour, which proved to be some of Leslie’s favorite photos. There were threats of rain for much of the day, making Leslie nervous, but it never actually started raining until the reception. Although the rain forced the reception to shrink some in space, everyone still had a great time dancing to the DJ, and it included great music, food, and the cake-cutting.

Looking Back

Although Leslie researched the wedding packages and venues, she advises going to see the resort in person first if you can afford it. It allows you to be more acquainted with your resort and to talk to your wedding department in person, especially about the decor and procession.

It was everything I wanted, from the chairs to the aisle, it was so pretty!

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Aerial photo of the Dreams Punta Cana Resort property Dominican Republic

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Leslie and Andre Wedding

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