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Ivonne and Sadat’s Wedding at Majestic Colonial

Friday March 22, 2024

What was the cost of your wedding package?


Did you add any upgrades?
Yes, I added a venue with a buffet and DJ services.
What was it like working with the wedding coordinator?
The process was smooth before and during the wedding. My expectations were met during the process.
What was it like working with Destify?
I appreciated the availability and resources.
What is your favorite wedding moment with your spouse?
My favorite moment was getting married in front of the beach with my loved one.
What surprised you the most about the resort or venue?
The resort was beautiful and huge with various activities for the guests.
Your favorite experience at the wedding?
My favorite experience at the wedding was the beach ceremony and reception.
Would you do a destination wedding again?

My favorite experience at the wedding was the beach ceremony and reception.

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Majestic Colonial resort destination for weddings with tall palm trees, reflective blue swimming pool, and multi-story buildings under a clear blue sky.

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Majestic Colonial

The perfect marriage of traditional mid-18th century tropical architecture and modern luxury – complete with breathtaking wedding venues and a sprawling lazy river.
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  • venue iconVenues: 8
  • family-friendly iconFamily Friendly
  • car icon30 Minutes
Package Costs: $1,250$1,250

Ivonne and Sadat Wedding

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